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Home Learning

Hello Cressida Cowell class,


This is the place to come to find out what to do whilst you are home learning.  Each week there will be tab to click on to find out what activities to do for that week. 


The main activities to do will be listed under the subject headings for a particualr week but there are also some additional activities to do listed on the Bingo Board.  Feel free to tackle the Bingo Board activities too once you have completed the main activities under the subject headings. 


Each day, you have to following activities to do:

  • Maths Task
  • English Task
  • 2 other subjects (try to do different ones each day)


Please send me photos of your daily work via dojo so I can see how you are getting on and give you feedback to keep you on track. If you are unsure of anything, remember you can contact me and I will offer any support I can.  I look forward to seeing your work and look forward to seeing you soon, after your period of home learning. 


You can do this!


Mrs McGowan

Autumn 1 Home Learning (September 2021)

Autumn 2 Home Learning (November 2021)

Spring 1 Home Learning (January 2022 - February 2022)