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At Dovedale we are committed to promoting a love of reading and books, and we continually look for ways to improve standards in reading, phonics and writing. We are very excited to introduce our new phonics scheme, Read Write Inc. 



Read Write Inc. is a highly successful programme dedicated to ensuring that every child is able to read by the end of Key Stage 1.  We have a team of Read Write Inc reading teachers who have received Ruth Miskin training. We look forward to delivering enhanced phonics teaching that enables children to become fluent readers earlier, gaining higher order reading skills and pleasure in reading.

Our EYFS and Key Stage 1 children will have daily Read Write Inc. sessions and we will support our most vulnerable readers with extra one–to–one teaching.  Children in Year 3 and beyond where necessary with gaps in their phonic knowledge will also be supported through high quality Read Write Inc. teaching and intervention.


Using Read Write Inc phonics enables children to learn to read effortlessly so that they can put all their energy into comprehending what they read.   It also allows them to spell effortlessly so that they can put their energy into composing what they write.

The children have been assessed and grouped according to their reading ability. They will work with a teacher or teaching assistant on the Read Write Inc phonics programme, and will continue to be regularly assessed, re-grouped and supported to match their phonic needs.



Read Write Inc books


Read Write Inc. lessons include learning and applying new sounds in reading and writing, and the format of the session is such that your child will be reading in a group on a daily basis.

​The books your child will be bringing home will therefore be different.  They will have:







A black and white ‘storybook’ – this will be a copy of the book your child has learned to read in their phonics group.  They will know this book and should be able to read it fluently – this is their book where they can show off their great reading skills to you!



A ‘Book Bag Book’ – this book will be matched to your child’s phonics knowledge.  Although they will not have read this book in school, they should be able to read it quite easily. This book enables your child to apply their phonic skills independently and for this reason, this is the book we encourage you to focus on at home.









If your child is in EYFS, Year 1 or in Year 2 or 3 but not yet on Accelerated Reader:


This will be a book to share together at home. We promote a love of books and reading at school and would like to encourage this at home. We do not expect children to be able to read the sharing book themselves, but we do expect them to enjoy listening to it, learning from it and talking to you about it!



If your child is on Accelerated Reader:


This will be a book on the Accelerated Reader scheme at their level. Children will be able to read and quiz on these books as usual.



In order for our phonics teaching to work effectively, it is essential that all books are returned to school. After hearing your child read at home, or sharing a book together, please make sure all books go straight back into their reading wallet / bag so they are always readily available at school. Depending on their phonics group, children will be given new reading books every 3 to 5 days.


Please note: 

  • Some black and white storybooks have a space for the child's name (as per the example above); please leave this blank as these are not personal copies, and will be re-used. 
  • We are in the process of organising our 'books to share' and we expect them to be available within the next few weeks, please bear with us. 

Finally, a reminder that we ask for you to hear your child read at least 3 times each week. Please sign your child’s reading diary after each read and include any comments you would like to make. If your child has read at least 3 times each week their name will get entered into our Reading Raffle!


If you have any questions about Read Write Inc or phonics generally, please get in touch by email. 


Many thanks for your support!

Literacy team contact details: 


Mrs Robinson is our Phonics & Accelerated Reader Lead - 

Mrs Potter is our Literacy Lead -

Mrs Norton is our Early Years Lead -