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At Dovedale primary school we follow all statutory policies and guidelines.

Most of our policies are set by the Academy Trust and operate across the trust.  In addition, we set some of our own local school policies.  Please click on the folders below for the various policies. 


Please note: Dovedale School is now part of ONE Academy Trust (effective 1 Sept 2023).  We are currently re-branding all our policies and documents etc. so please bear with us as we make the necessary changes.  We were previously part of Willows Academy Trust and some of our documents may still reference Willows Academy Trust.  Please consider references to Willows Academy Trust to relate also to ONE Academy Trust.


If you want to find more information about a particular area such as Safeguarding, SEND and Equality and Diversity please also look at the Key Information menu where you will find more information and relevant documents about key aspects of school life.  


If you would like a printed copy of a policy or there are any policies which you can't see here but you would like access to, please contact the school office.   Please also let us know if you need a copy of a policy in another format and we will try to meet your needs.  

Academy Trust Policies 

Trust-wide policies include our policies on:

  • Whistleblowing
  • Concerns and Complaints
  • Data Protection & Privacy Notices
  • Staff policies
  • Charging and Remissions

Dovedale Primary School Policies

More policies relating to child protection and safeguarding such as our Whistleblowing Policy, Low Level Concerns Policy and Managing Allegations Policy are available on the policy section of the ONE Academy Trust website.  

Data Protection

This link will take you to the ONE Academy Trust Privacy Notices, our data protection policy and relevant forms. Please contact us if there is anything you are unsure of or if you need further information.

You can find out more about our commitment to equality & diversity and our plans for improving accessibility here in our Equality & Diversity and Accessibility area on the website.  Our overarching plans and reports are available on the Willows Academy Trust website here. These are currently being updated and will be available on the ONE Academy Trust website here

Admissions Policy 

Dovedale Primary School admissions are dealt with by Derbyshire County Council. Applications are made online via Derbyshire County Council Website. If the year group applied for has spaces then your child will be offered a place. If your application is not successful you may go to appeal. Appeals are dealt with by an external non associated body. All appeals are dealt with individually.


Please see the Willows Academy Trust Admissions Policy for further information (see link below).  This is currently being updated for 2025/26 and will be available on our website from the middle of March 2024.


Please contact us if there is anything you are unsure of or if you need further information.


Our policy relating to Attendance is accessible on the Willows Academy Trust website in the Policy Section

See also our section on Reporting Absence.  You may find the following documents helpful:

Our policy relating to Suspensions and Permanent Exclusions is accessible on the ONE Academy Trust website in the 'Parents and Community' Section

More information about our provision for SEND, including our SEND Information Report, our SEND Policy and how to contact us can be found here on our SEND page. 

Staff Policies

Most of our staff policies are trust-wide policies and can be accessed from the ONE Academy Trust website here