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P.E. Page

We believe Physical Education helps to develop thinking, selecting and applying skills, which are important for progression across the whole of the curriculum. We encourage our children to choose to adopt a healthier lifestyle and develop a positive attitude towards sport. The school believes that Physical Education experienced in a safe and supportive environment makes a vital and unique contribution to a pupil’s physical and emotional health, development and well being.


The Objectives of PE are:

P.E. lessons offer opportunities for children to:

Develop competences to excel in a broad range of physical activities

To be physically active for sustained periods of time.

Engage in competitive sports and activities.

Lead healthy, active lives. 
To maximise the overall amount of time spent in being physically active within lessons.

To provide staff with opportunities to continue their professional development in delivering quality PE lessons.

To provide adequate resources for effective delivery of the curriculum and where possible, funding.

To develop a knowledge of safety and an appreciation of the principles of safe practice through correct handling of PE equipment and a commitment to ensuring safe and effective exercise procedures.

To enlist the support of adults other than teachers (AOTT) who may be professionally qualified, to contribute to the provision of extra curricular activities.

To provide safe and stimulating areas that children can play and be active.

To organise specific events that promote and raise the profile of activity, including competitions within the local community.

In the Autumn Term, our school has taken part in 'virtual' competitions against other local schools.


Autumn 1: Fencing (challenges involving fencing skills) 

Autumn 2: Athletics (a range of Athletics events for a personal best score)


A HUGE well-done for taking part in the Athletics competition. As a school we recieved 5 GOLD, 2 SILVER, 1 BRONZE and 9 4th and 5th places.

Here are the details:



Yr 3/4 Obstacle Relay - Jacob, Jaymes, Oliver and Paige

Yr 5/6 Javelin - Isaac



Yr 5/6 Standing Long Jump - Danu

Yr5/6 Javelin - Louis



Yr 5/6 Javelin - Harley


4th and 5th places

Yr 5/6 Speed Bounce - Madison, Matthew

Yr 5/6 Vertical Jump - Macie, Olli, Jack, Alfie

Yr 5/6 Standing Long Jump - Matthew, Jonas