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P.E. Page

PE Intent

Our Phyisical Education Curriciulum aims to develop thinking, selecting and applying skills which are important for progression across the whole of the curriculum. We want to make our children resilient learners, to be able to self-regulate and understand the importance of physical and emotional wellbeing. We want to develop curious learners in a safe and respectful environment. It is our intent for our children to adapt a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude towards sport which impacts on their future life choices. We offe extra curriculum activities which allow all learners to thrive, to share their talents and exhibit their skills.



REACH Values

Our PE Curriculum follows the schools ethos of 'Aiming High'.


Respect - for oursevles and others in sports and team games.

Enjoyment - developing a love of physical education, sport and fitness.

Achieve - building resilience, working hard to achieve a skill or learn game rules, having an attitude of positive accomplishment.

Challenge - never accapting that we cannot try, looking for new experiences, sports or clubs.

Health - being healthy in body and mind, as well as seeking out physical activity and understanding how to support our bodies and a positive mental health attitude. 


To support the children in recognising what they need to acheive by Year 6 for PE, we have our own school 'PE vision' posters up in our classrooms and hall. Please see below.


In the Autumn Term, our school has taken part in some competitions and festivals.

  • Year 5 and 6 Football where we placed in the regional finals
  • Year 3 and 4 Football
  • Cross Country
  • Miss Nadin's class went to a Mini-movers festival
  • Mrs McCarthy's cless went to a Racquet festival

In the Spring Term, we have also completed:

  • KS1 Gymnastics festival
  • Year 5 and Year 6 Swimming gala

Speed Stacking

We completed a Speed Stacking competition as a school in the Summer term of 2021. Firstly, we all had a go in our classroom and the quickest girl and boy from each class/year group have gone through to our school final. Here are the results:  


Edward (Penguins) 5.56s 

Megan (Tigers) 6.00s 

Lottie (Dolphins) 6.32s 

Oakley (Tigers) 6.39s 

Lucy (Dolphins) 6.88s

Corey (Lions) 9.35s 

Lower Juniors

Siyana (Pandas) 4.79s

Oakley (Cheetahs) 5.12s 

Zak (Leopards) 5.32s 

Jessica (Leopards) 5.36s 

Pollyanna (Cheetahs) 5.71s 

Joe (Pandas) 5.76s 

George (Giraffes) 5.85s 

Corlen (Cheetahs) 6.01s 

Jacky (Giraffes) 7.11s 

Rae (Pandas) 7.33s 

Tayla (Giraffes) 8.25s 

Upper Juniors 

Riley (Hyenas) 3.34s

Hannah (Hedgehogs) 3.86s 

Finley (Wolves) 4.18s 

Hollie (Wolves) 4.29s 

Clarissa (Owls) 4.42s 

Jake (Hedgehogs) 4.45s 

Alfie (Owls) 4.54s 

Imogen (Hyenas) 4.65s 


Watch out for the next rounds of competition this year...