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What is ‘Thrive’?

Thrive is a programme developed to help prepare and support children with life’s emotional ups and downs.

It is an approach that helps children’s emotional developmental needs . It helps build resilience and resourcefulness.

Positive relationships are at the heart of Thrive. We use these relationships together with activities and play to give them key experiences at each developmental stage.

The repetition of these activities supports their development helping them to:

Feel good about themselves and know they matter.

Increase their sense of security and trust.

Increase their emotional well- being.

Improve their capacity to be creative and curious.

Increase their confidence and self-esteem ready to learn.

Learn to recognise and regulate their feelings.

Learn to think before behaving in a certain way.


The link below will take you to the parents information leaflet published by 'Thrive' and will give you more detailed information.



Who is Thrive for?

Thrive is for anyone within school, in fact, thrive research show that all of us, even adults would benefit from the ‘Thrive Approach’ to support us with our emotional well-being. The thrive approach can make academic learning more accessible as it supports us to become more resilient, resourceful and reflective.

Thrive can support children who are vulnerable and challenging due to an experience that they have faced in their early life that has left them with an ‘interruption’ which might be impacting on their confidence, social skills, emotional well-being and academic progress.

Thrive can also support children through ‘loss’ such as the bereavement of a close friend, relative or pet; moving house, changing school or even simple changes such as moving class within the same school.

Many children within our school from EYFS to year six have benefited  from Thrive whether it has been through one to one support or small group nurture. If you feel that Thrive is something you wish to discuss further as you feel your child would benefit from support through the Thrive programme then please contact Miss Martin.



Family Thrive.

Family Thrive is a six week course to introduce adults caring for children to the fundamentals of Thrive and how it works within day to day life. Each session lasts for two hours and, over the six weeks looks at:-

  • The Thrive Approach.
  • How our brains develop.
  • How your right brain talks to your left brain.
  • Why play and creativity are important to you and your child.
  • How to support your child at times of change and difficulty.
  • Everyday trigger times and how to keep calm.
  • How to be a behaviour detective.

Family thrive currently runs on a Tuesday afternoon – 1.30pm – 3.00pm and is led by Miss Martin and Mrs Mather. Our next available course will be in summer term one - starting on Tuesday 18th April 2023.

If you are interested in attending or would like to know more information about family thrive then please contact Miss Martin.

THRIVE activities for half term.

THRIVE Christmas Advent Calendar

November Activities for children and families.

Thrive activities to support Mental Health day.

Creative activities to do at home - October 2021

Thrive Activities for the summer holiday 2021

Activities for May half term 2021.

Christmas Activities linked to Thrive.

Thrive are producing a series of fun Christmas activities which we will add to this section of the website.


Week beginning Monday 30th November  ​​​​​​​-  A Christmas treasure hunt.



Thrive activities for the Christmas holidays.

Thrive support during the school closure.

While school is closed due to COVID-19 we full appreciate that there will be times where we are all struggling. Thrive has put together a weekly programme of different 'Thrive' based activities that children (and adults) could do while at home. Each week we will add these activities to the website for you to do if you wish to.  Don't forget though to share your thoughts and photos of what you have done by sending pictures or messages to Mrs Houseman for her blog -


Thrive activities for week beginning Monday 6th April.
Thrive activities for week beginning Monday 13th April.
Here is a treasure hunt that you might enjoy doing in you home, garden or if you go for a walk. Have fun.
Thrive activities - week beginning Monday 4th May.
Thrive activities for the week beginning Monday 11th May 2020.
Thrive activities for the week beginning Monday 18th May.
Thrive Activities for week beginning Monday 25th May.

Thrive activities for the week beginning Monday 1st June.


Thrive activities for the week beginning Monday 8th June.
Thrive activities for the week beginning Monday 8th June.
Thrive Activities for the week beginning Monday 15th June.
Thrive activities for the week beginning Monday 22nd June.
Thrive activities for the week beginning Monday 29th June.
Thrive activities for the week beginning Monday 6th July.
Thrive activities for the week beginning Monday 13th July.

Here are some summer fun activities linked to out Thrive programme that you may wish to explore over the summer holidays. 


Story books to support emotional development