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At Dovedale Primary we pride ourselves on the behaviour of our children.

Our children are taught to respect others through our REACH values and respond positively to our behaviour systems.

Our approach to behaviour is systemic, with a coherent strategy for dealing with behaviours across school which ensures the children understand the expectations we have of them.

Classroom behaviours are dealt with using a ladder to support behaviours for learning, merits and dojo points are given as well as team points for exhibiting good, respectful behaviours. Children can be rewarded with a certificate in our REACH assembly for excellent behaviours.

The system also allows for children to have time to reflect on their choices and correct behaviours where necessary. This may include time in a another room, missing part of a playtime or spending time in reflection time.

Reflection time is run daily at lunchtime by a member of SLT. If children's behaviour is unacceptable, physical, persistent, rude then they will be asked to attend reflection time. Here they will spend time working with an adult on making better choices and self regulation. If a child needs to attend reflection time parents will be informed.

We will not tolerate bullying of any kind and will act swiftly and appropriately if any instances are bought to our attention.

We have found that this consistent approach enables the children to self regulate their behaviours, support and respect others and leads to a calm and productive working environment.