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Lesson 1 = Complete TT Rockstars, playing at least 5 sound checks before moving onto the others modes.

Lesson 2 = Complete the porblem solving questions based on this week's learning. Then complete the end of unit quiz questions.


Today, we are exploring evaporation. If it has been raining, try and measure/observe the size of a puddle thorughout the day. What happens to it? If it hasn't been raining, maybe try and create a tray or cup of water and place in a warm/sunny place in your house. Observe it thoughout the day instead and see what happens. What happened? What results did you find?


Think about other everyday examples of evaporation e.g. washing drying on a line, water boiling etc.


Write your own definition of evaporation and explain when we can use it e.g. for drying washing.