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Spring Learning

Spring 1 Learning

Welcome back to learning! Now we are into the New Year it's time to look ahead and get excited about 2023. 


We will be opening the new year with our new knowledge block: A UK study. This geography based learning will open the eyes of the children to the wonderful, diverse, beautiful and varied country that we live in. We will explore what the term UK means and how it is different to the British Isles and Great Britain. We will go on a journey of our National parks, coastlines and mountains as well as other amazing features of the UK. We will discuss and use the terminology of geographers and investigate physical and human geographical features. 


We will begin reading our class novel: The Secret of Spiggy Holes by Enid Blyton. It is a fantastic adventure story set around the English coast. There are lots of twists and turns for us to get ourselves immersed into. This will encourage some brilliant questioning and discussion as well as writing to entertain. In maths, we will be re-visiting multiplication and division as well as fractions before moving onto decimals and percentages. Our favourite! 


In PSHCE we will be exploring emotions and why it is important to name them and acknowledge and understand them. 


More information about our learning will follow very soon... Miss B x