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Welcome back everyone, Happy New Year! 


This half term we will be beginning with our new knowledge block: A UK Study. This geography based learning will hopefully open the eyes of the children to the wonderful, diverse, beautiful and varied country that we live in. We will explore what the term UK means and how it is different to the British Isles and Great Britain. We will go on a journey of our wonderful national parks, coastlines and mountains as well as investigating both physical and human geographical features.


In PE we will be continuing with our swimming lessons on Friday and be learning some rhythmic gymnastics on Thursdays. 


In PSCHE we will be exploring emotions and why it's important to name, acknowledge and understand them.


Looking forward to, yet another, wonderful term!  

Long Term Plan Spring 1

Welcome to our second spring term!


Firstly, we are very sad to say that swimming has finished, but this half term, every Wednesday, we have the fantastic Forest Schools!


Our new knowledge block for learning will be the history of the Scots and Anglo Saxons. We will be doing some flashback learning as the children learnt a little bit about the Saxons in year 4, so we will be testing their knowledge! We will be investigating the impact they had on Britain and the legacy they left behind. We will delve into their way of governance and social structure, as well as how historians use evidence to paint a picture of the past. We will also discuss why historians don't always agree on what happened in the past, particularly when it came to Alfred the Great.