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Class Blog.



Each week, usually on a Friday, you will find an update about our weeks learning and adventures! Within this class blog I will summarise what we have been up to in our lessons, inform you of any WOW moments from the week and also remind you of any useful information, whether this be homework or dates. This information will also be posted on dojo so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via dojo or email.


Saturday 1st October 2022:

Happy Saturday all,

Another busy week in Tutankahmun Class. In English we have used Talk4Writing to recite the story ‘The Time-Slip Scarab’ and this has improved our sentence structure and vocabulary choice. By the end of the week, children were using language such as iridescent, meandered, jutted etc. They were even able to explain the meaning and use these words in the right context! In maths, we are coming towards the end of our unit on number and place value - we will be assessing children’s progress next week and will put any intervention in place to narrow any gaps!

We have also been busy in other areas of the curriculum too! In science we planned, carried out and concluded an investigation on friction. The children loved this and worked well as a whole class! In PE we continued to build our confidence on our indoor gymnastics equipment and have also been lucky enough to have some tag rugby training from Mr Davenport from ESSP. In music, the glockenspiels made another appearance and our timing is improving! We also had some unusual requests this week from Miss Gunnell - completing Christmas cards ready to send off to be printed. We all thought it was rather early but needs must! 🌲

Spelling scores were fab this week again! On that note, I am aware that Spelling Shed hasn’t been showing spellings for some of you. After speaking to Mrs Potter, there is an error on my teacher account. The children can continue to use spelling shed as normal and this should be resolved by Monday. I am awaiting an email over the weekend with the go ahead to reset the spellings for you all as my account is being reset. Please continue to learn the spellings in the booklet and I will assign them to spelling shed as soon as possible!

Thanks again for all the 3 weekly reads and the completion of the TTRS battle - we won!! Very proud teacher. πŸŽ‰
Homework this week is another my maths as it helps consolidate our learning so far this term before we progress to addition and subtraction.

You may have noticed that diaries were not signed yesterday. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I was out of class yesterday afternoon to attend some mini leader training with pupils in Y3 and Y4. Diaries will be signed and merits awarded on Monday so that gives you an extra day or two if you want to try and boost their merit scores with extra home reads.

Moving forwards I have collated lots of photos to begin to share with you. If anyone doesn’t want their child’s photo shared on dojo, please send me a message so I can ensure I have the most up to date permission slips! I will then begin to post photos after Monday.

Thanks all!
Have a lovely weekend ☺️


Friday 23rd September 2022:

Hi all,

I’m not entirely sure how it’s Friday again already but a great week.

This week we had lots of firsts - we used the gymnastic equipment in PE. At first the children were slightly concerned about the height of the agility tables but by the end the session, children were oozing confidence and managing to perfect jumps and landings off the equipment. In music we’ve even had an afternoon playing the glockenspiels. The children loved this!

Children worked hard on their spellings today - their scores should be in their diary for you all to see. Homework this week is a TTRS battle against Mrs McGowans Socrates class - let’s hope we win! πŸ‘. Children need to login in and access the games/battle to earn points to push us up the leadership table. Thanks for lots of 3 reads this week. More merits have been earned!

Just a reminder that the school council elections are happening in school next week so the deadline for applications is on Monday!

Thinking ahead to next week, Tuesday is my planning and preparation time so Mrs Henson will covering. I will be on dojo all day so still contact this dojo as Mrs henson has access to it. She will also be covering the class as an additional session on Friday afternoon as I am taking a handful of children across KS2 on some mini leader training.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday 21st September 2022:

Hi All,

Apologies for no update on Friday!

We had a lovely second week back. The children are settling really well now and are blossoming into a fantastic Year 3 class. We are working hard on the basics of presentation, getting stuck in and trying our hardest with everything and they are certainly reaping the rewards!

I have been really impressed with their independence and taking accelerated reader quizzes. Their scores are impressive! I am noticing some children’s latest reading levels aren’t quite right after reading with them over the last few weeks so I think we had a couple of ‘let’s click any button moments’ and now the realisation that they don’t feel challenged is setting in. If this applies to your child, they will be retaking their star reader test tomorrow so don’t be alarmed if you see a new reading level and book band already!

Merits are coming in thick and fast for 3x weekly reads, spelling practice and homework. Thank you for your support with this it makes a huge difference. Please remember to sign your child’s diary as you read with them. We will award this weeks merits on Fridays.

Homework for this week is MyMaths. This will alternate weekly between and a TTRS battle. Apologies I realise this message didn’t reach you but I can see lots of you are on it and already completed this.

Your child also came home with a differentiated spelling list on Friday. Your child is now in group 1, group 2 or group 3. If your child lost their paper copy, please ask which group and you’ll find the spellings on the webpage.

Please can I remind you that for health and safety, children shouldn’t be wearing rings, bracelets and necklaces. We have had to mention this to a few children today.

Thanks for your support 😊.
Miss Bestwick & the Y3 team!

Wednesday 14th September 2022:

Hi all,

We’ve made it to the half way point of another week and the children are really beginning to mature now and show that they have the qualities of a Year 3 and a that of a junior - a really important role at Dovedale.

Yesterday, Mrs Sedgewick kindly stook in all usernames and passwords for spelling shed,, MyMaths and TTRS. These can be found in the back of their diaries. Please ensure diaries are in school everyday as we regularly access these apps to aid learning.

Thank you to those of you who have been signing diaries for reads, sending in spelling practise and for completing the homework online. We will check these on Fridays for the merit run! I have had a few request for extra homework to aid gaps or build confidence in subjects - if you ever feel this is something you need please dojo and we will find you some supporting resources ASAP as we appreciate the support from you at home.

With regards to this weeks, I am aware some of the terminology is challenging. These are words we use with the children so they become familiar however we break these down to ensure they are fully understood over time. I appreciate for some of you, these terms are completely new to you. I am in the process of creating a mini glossary of terms in the hope this will help. If you are ever unsure or need some support, again please ask. I will always be happy to help! Please don’t ever feel embarrassed to ask either, my classroom comes with a no judgment agreement and we would love to help in anyway possible.

From today, please can we request that Y3 pupils (unless with a childminder), access the small gate next to the bins. Our TAs will be using this gate to greet children and to offer a hand to any parent who needs support.

That’s all for now! I will post regarding further updates on Friday.

Have a lovely Wednesday 😊

Friday 2nd September 2022:

Happy Friday all,


We have had a busy and productive first week in Year 3. The children are beginning to remember the routines and are working hard to demonstrate the REACH values and our expectations. This is something we will continue to work on until they are experts!


Today your child has been issued a new reading book based on their latest accelerated reader level. We have stapled this into their diary for your information. Please can we request that you listen to your child read 3x weekly and sign their diary. We will check every Friday morning and award dojo points, merits and a reading raffle for any child who has done so. 

Homework this week is an online task on Your child's username and password for this is the same as last year. If anyone requires this please ask and I can provide this via dojo and a paper copy too! I am aware lots of your children know this off by heart though.


Spellings this week focus on 'ou.' This year we have new diaries so our usual spelling strips didn't fit in when the children tried. I will make a booklet for you of the terms spellings and attach to dojo over the weekend. This will then come home as a paper copy over the weekend. I am aware lots of you will be eager to practise over the weekend so the words are:

1. mouth
2. around
3. sprout
4. sound
5. spout
6. ouch
7. hound
8. trout
9. found
10. proud


All children will complete the same spelling list during our first week and then we will differentiate groups accordingly to ensure all children receive spellings pitched accordingly. 


Have a lovely weekend.
Miss Bestwick :)