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Year 1: Miss Nadin - Beatrix Potter

Welcome to Beatrix Potter Class!


Welcome to our class page. We are a wonderful Year 1 class and our teacher is Miss Nadin. Our amazing teaching assistants are Mrs Salt, Mrs Wilkins and Mrs Dowthwaite who support us at different times during the week. Every other Tuesday, we are very lucky as we get taught by Mrs Robinson.


We hope you enjoy seeing all of the fantastic things that we do in Beatrix Potter Class.


Alongside our Class Page, we also share information and updates on Class Dojo. Please make sure you are connected on there so that you can see what we have been getting up to. Please feel free to send me a message on Class Dojo or via my school email which you will see below.



Meet the Teacher - Beatrix Potter

   Our Targets  





Reading Books


Your child will receive a reading diary and a coloured wallet containing 2 books. The first book will be their coloured book band reading book. You will see the coloured book bands below and your child will continue to progress through the coloured book bands throughout their time in Year 1. The second book will be a phonics book which is tailored to their phonics group and matches the sounds that they are learning in their phonics lessons. This is to further reinforce and apply their learning. Both of these books will be changed regularly. They will either be changed weekly when they read to an adult in school, or if they would like them changed more regularly, your child can put their reading diary and reading book into the basket in the classroom and I will change it for them at some point during the day.


Please read with your child at least 3 times a week at home. Even if this is just for 10 minutes. Regular reading at home has a huge impact on the progression in their reading and phonics. It would be great if you could discuss the book with your child as well. Please see more information about reading at home on the document below.


 The book band colours are as follows:       







Your child will receive weekly spellings to learn at home. Please encourage your child to practise their spellings so that they are ready for their weekly spelling test. The spelling test will take place every Wednesday. 


At the start of the year, the children will receive log in details for a website/app called Spelling Shed (linked below). Spelling Shed is used across the school and it allows the children to practise their weekly spellings in a fun way. The children love using spelling shed.


Please see the link below for other fun ways to practise spellings at home.                            




Our PE Days for Autumn Term 1 are as follows: 

Indoor PE - Every Tuesday afternoon 

Outdoor PE - Every Thursday afternoon


Children should come to school on these days wearing their PE kit and they will stay in these clothes all day.


The PE kit should include: 

A plain red t-shirt (with or without the school logo) 


A plain black sports jacket/zip-up jacket 

Plain black or navy joggers or shorts (weather dependent)





English - More information coming soon!


Maths - Within Maths during the Autumn term, we will assess the children's understanding and start off by recapping some early number from EYFS. We will then move onto Number: Place Value and Addition and Subtraction. Within Place Value, the children will count, read and write numbers forwards and backwards from a given number, find one more/less, compare numbers using greater than and less than, order numbers, look at number lines, use ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd...) and begin to look at tens and ones within a number. Within Addition and Subtraction, the children will begin by looking at part-whole models, recognise the addition and subtraction symbols, find fact families, recognise number bonds and will count on and count back.


Science - Plants (with a specific focus on trees). During Science this term, children will spend a lot of time outside! They will set up their own investigation where they will ask questions, use their prediction skills, make observations, collect data and hopefully reach a conclusion. The children will look at the structure of trees and draw diagrams. They will be looking at, and naming, types of trees in our school grounds, going on a leaf hunt and they will find out the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. Make sure you know your trees as we will be sending the children home in search of trees in their local environment! The children will get the chance to plant daffodil bulbs so that we can watch them grow as we move into Spring and hopefully brighten up the area outside our classroom. We will end the term by looking at seasonal changes that we see in Autumn. 


RE (Religious Education) - Our key question that we will explore in our RE lessons this term is 'Who is a Christian and what do they believe?' Throughout this topic, we will explore what Christians believe about God, what the Bible teaches Christians about God, why Jesus is important to Christians and why Christians pray. The children will have the opportunity to discuss their own thoughts and beliefs and ask questions surrounding these topics. 


PSCHE (Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education) - Our main focus this half term is 'Being Healthy'. The children will explore different ways of being healthy including food choices, exercise, personal hygiene and having a healthy mind! During this topic, the children will get to sample different healthy foods (more info will come soon), create their own 'Joe Wicks' style workout, discuss what they can do if they ever feel blue and learn the importance of keeping clean by watching what happens to germs when we use soap. The children will also be taking part in a different 'Chill Skill' each week while exploring the importance of relaxing.


History - More information coming soon!


Computing - Our main focus this half term is Online Safety with a key focus on Personal Information and Safe Searching. Within these lessons, the children will look at safely searching images online and staying SMART online. They will understand what personal information they need to keep safe and understand how to make good choices online. 


Art/DT-  More information coming soon!


Indoor PE - Our indoor PE this term is gymnastics. The children will be using and exploring different ways to travel, they will be using their bodies to create different shapes and balances and exploring different turns. The children will put all of this into practise by creating their own gymnastics sequences.


Outdoor PE - Our outdoor PE this term has a focus on throwing and catching. We will be taking part in a range of activities such as pocket rocket, rainbow throw, pirate ship and space docking to help the children practise these key skills.