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Summer term 1


Oh boy! Where is this year going? As always we've got an exciting half term ahead of us where we will be continuing our journey looking at the Saxons and Vikings, focusing on their way of life. We will be seeing how certain advancements in technology helped aid their invasions and what evidence could be found from a wide variety of different sources from historians, artifacts and articles.


In Maths we are coming away from the fractions and decimals for the time being and focusing on elements such as perimeter, area and angles. In English we will be delving into biographies- what makes them effective and how we can write one ourselves (using those fantastic writing skills we've been working on of course). 


Science will be focusing on the properties of materials which will include lots and lots of investigating! We will have to get our magnifying glasses and lab coats out once more to try and decide what makes some materials better insulators or conductors. We will combine our scientific learning with a class trip to Magna in the Summer term- how exciting!


If that wasn't enough, Red Panda class will also have the pleasure of showcasing our class assembly on the third week back! Check Class Dojo for more information!