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Welcome to the summer term everyone...


As always we have a jam- packed half term ahead of us. We will be continuing our journey with the Saxons and Vikings with more focus being on the Viking ways of life. We will investigate what advancements in technology aided their invasions, and what evidence historians have used to build a picture of their culture, beliefs and societal structure. There's a lot more to the Vikings than we think...


In English we will be exploring the world of Biographies (very exciting) and practising some core skills for year 5 writing, including refining those editing skills. In maths we will be continuing our work on geometry including perimeter, area and angles.


Science will focus on properties of materials. There will lots of investigating going on, with a little look at what makes some materials conductors or insulators. (Both thermal and electrical.) Our learning will be complemented by a trip to Magna in the summer term where we will attend a workshop about materials. We are all very excited!