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Happy Friday all!


We have had an excellent start to the new term and the children's behaviour has once again been commented on by external visitors for showing respect, self regulation and care for each other. 


I would request that parents parking outside of the school at drop off demonstrate these same values as I am aware of some disagreements around parking which have led to collisions and inappropriate language. As a school we pride ourselves on the behaviour of our children and respectfully ask that our parents present themselves as role models when addressing other parents or our neighbours.


We are all very much aware of the dangers presented by online learning and children accessing material that is not age appropriate. Pease see a link below which directs you to some sites and apps which can help secure your children's devices and give parental control.


Next week we shall be celebrating Harvest and a letter will be coming out with regard to food bank donations. As the letter states this is entirely voluntary and the children will naturally take part in all other activities. As a school we do wish to promote respect in our community and this is one way we feel we can support those in need.


I am receiving an increasing amount of holiday requests and I will not authorise these unless their are exceptional circumstances. Children whose attendance falls below 90% are classed as persistent absentees and we will arrange meetings for those children we feel are at risk of this. This is equal to about 7 days in the autumn term. Missing school negatively affects children's academic progress and friendship groups. Although I fully appreciate that holidays in term time are significantly cheaper it is our job to encourage parents to bring their children to school when they are well enough to attend. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.