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Although we are hoping that there will not be an imposed prolonged closure of the school it is necessary for us to plan for this eventuality. We know that if this occurs this may be a difficult time for all concerned but will hope to continue the children’s learning journeys during this time as much as we can given the constraints. Naturally we cannot enforce this off site learning as there will be other circumstances around this but would hope that where possible the children will be able to engage with this provision daily so that their learning progress is not impacted upon and that all children can pick up their learning at the correct stage on the return to school.
Safeguarding whilst school is closed
Any safeguarding concerns should be brought to the attention of the class teacher through dojo/email or the Head teacher who will be contactable through the Head teacher email throughout any closure. We will continue to work closely with parents on all issues as appropriate. If any families need any support and do not know who to contact please contact the Head teacher via email who will offer any possible support.
Continuation of learning at home
 All children have been provided with a work book in which to record their learning activities where necessary. Please keep these books for this purpose only.
 Staff will communicate through their class pages on the website with activities set for each week day. This will take the form of a Maths and English activity and 1 other activity in KS1 and KS2.
 We will endeavour to make all activities accessible to children to complete on their own wherever possible to alleviate parent input as we know not all parents will be able to work alongside their children.
 We would ask that children complete the activities in the sequence they are set rather than all in one block to aid sequential learning to embed and reinforce learning and aid long term memory retention.
 EYFS will have work and activities set suitable for their curriculum on their class pages and in their work book.
 Year 2 may have additional phonics and SATS resources.
Dovedale Primary School Continuation of Learning Plan (in case of prolonged school closure)
 Year 6 will have their revision booklets and additional SATS resources.
 Alongside set curriculum activities we hope that all children will read daily, practise their weekly spellings, Times Table Rock Stars or Spelling Shed activities as usual.
 There will, where possible be differentiated activities for pupils with Special Educational Needs who may not be able to access the activities set for the cohort/class.
 There may also be opportunities for video learning and video lessons on the class pages as part of this sequential learning.
 Staff will continue to communicate with parents and children during the working day where necessary and appropriate.
 Learning books should be returned to school after the closure so that the teachers can celebrate the children’s work.
It may also be necessary at some stage to have some class closures if there is a significant staff shortage which cannot be safely managed. If this is the case the learning will continue using the same whole school strategy as detailed above.
We know that this is a lot of information but want to keep you as informed as possible. We hope that we can continue to work together as a school community, supporting each other and developing the sense of respect that is at the core of our school values.