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Hello all,

Another week has passed and we have had a very successful week with our new year groups in school. The children have managed really well and the teachers are enjoying getting to work with some children they would not usually work with.

We hope that you are all keeping well and safe at home. Please contact me if you have any issues which you would like to talk about confidentially. We are here to support you.

Back to school groups

As you are probably aware we have now been told that schools are not taking extra year groups back before the end of this academic year. Although we are sad that this process is taking so long we need to be realistic about the measures we can put in place whilst following the social distance guidelines.


This being said there are available places in the EYFS, year 1 and year 6 bubbles if parents feel they would like to access this-please contact your child’s class teacher.

Our Key worker bubbles are growing but we can accommodate a few more children on certain days and from certain year groups. Those people identified as key workers on our initial list should contact me directly if they now wish to take up a place.


We will continue to monitor these arrangements and adjust if necessary or appropriate.

We have no further information as to the next steps but will, as always keep you up to date with any new news.


Home learning

We know that you have been working hard to support your children as much as possible with their academic progress. For the last month of this term we will be endeavouring to catch up on core and key skills that we feel the children need to have accomplished for their transition to their next year group. I would therefore ask that a determined effort is made to engage your child with this learning if at all possible as it will put them in a stronger position for the next phase of opening.


If you need extra books or printed work - we know that some children work better without the distraction of electronics- please contact your child’s teacher or the office and we will support you with this.


Free school meal vouchers

If you have been in receipt of free school meal vouchers please make sure you are downloading and using these as they do have an expiry date and we can see that some people have not accessed them. (They should have come as an email).


Holiday club

We are considering the possibility of opening holiday club over the 6 weeks operating along the same principles as we are now running. This of course will be dependent on staffing and whether there are other guidelines issued by the government before then.

I will therefore be putting a very quick questionnaire up under the parent’s tab as to determine how many parents would wish to access this provision so we can determine if it is something our parents would want. This would be a paid provision with slightly reduced cost due to not being able to provide a hot meal.


I will send a text when the questionnaire is on the website.



If your child is in school next week please send with a jumper or fleece as we are having doors and windows open to ensure ventilation but it has been a little cool in school this week. We are hoping for better weather!


Please continue to keep yourself safe and send me any pictures/videos of the children’s activities. We love to share them.