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Friday updates

Happy Friday all,


A lovely sparkly end to the week here at Dovedale with lots of Christmassy outfits on children and adults alike.


Thinking of Christmas, there are 2 events being held at All Saints Church in Sawley that may be of interest to you and your children. One is a Christingle candlelight walk on Christmas eve  and one is a walk through Nativity on Christmas eve between 10.00 and 4.00. I have attached the flyers below for timings and details. Both have taken current restrictions in to account.



Again I need to raise the issue of parking considerately. Some cars are parking high up on pavements, some on corners and some look more like they have been abandoned than parked! It is quite embarrassing and frustrating dealing with the calls and apologising on your behalf. I do feel more thought could be given to this and although as a school we have no control over how you choose to park I would ask that you consider what impression it is giving of our school and the safety implications for our children.


Last week

Next week is our last week of the term and I hope that everyone has read the 2 letters I emailed out on Thursday. We need to be vigilant over this next week to make sure that everyone is able to have the Christmas they deserve and that I do not need to inform any children of the need to isolate. I do not enjoy those messages! So please read the letters if you haven't yet had a chance and hopefully we will continue through to the last day in the positive way we have managed this half term.


There is a PTA design competition running at the moment, the children can bring in 50p for a template and return their masterpieces by Wednesday

16th December for judging. There will be 1 winner chosen per class.


I hope you all have a very lovely weekend.