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Friday update

Another week has flown by!


We are continuing to stay healthy and well and thank you for your help with this. We know we are a large community and so we feel that we are all working together on this.


Lunch boxes

We have decided that parents may send in lunchboxes instead of bags as from Monday. The boxes will need to be washed on return home. We are now confident that the children are able to keep their belongings separate and the other systems are all in place. This will also help with the issue of recycling as championed by Rowan in year 5. Please continue to only send in the lunch boxes or bags and the reading style bags. This has made a big impact on the amount of space we have.

A reminder that lunches should be healthy. Children are allowed a chocolate biscuit treat but should not have just chocolate bars or sweets. We are seeing an increasing number of children bring more than 1 chocolate bar in their lunch box. 



Can I remind parents that children should be in appropriate school uniform, not wearing jewellery, a watch and a pair of stud earrings are acceptable and hair styles should be school appropriate. This means the hair should be a natural colour and not have shapes or lines cut into it.


I have put the REACH assembly under the children's update tab.


Have a lovely weekend all.