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Friday update

Happy Friday all!


A reminder that curriculum aspects of your children's learning journeys can be found either in their class pages or under the curriculum tab which outlines all of the curriculum maps.


Parking again has been a problem more than usual this week. WE have had 4 complaints about parking over driveways. Please don't park on corners or in front of dropped curbs. There is also a hidden bus stop! Opposite the actual bus stop along from school on the same side there is a slightly raised curb-although no bus stop sign. The bus company have asked if we can refrain from parking on it. I have enquired as to whether they intend to put a sign and zig zag lines to make it clearer for parents.


Last half term some of our Parliament children had a day visit to the Houses of Parliament. This was a wonderful experience visiting the House of Commons and House of Lords, meeting our MP and learning about the business of Westminster.

The children were an absolute credit and asked our MP -Maggie Throup -some really pertinent questions and were able to speak confidently about democracy and the rule of law.

A huge thank you to Miss Nadin and Miss Hardaker for organising the trip.

We look forward to repeating it next year!


Also last term we had Science week organised by our Science lead Mrs Ganguly. What a wonderful week the children had with workshops and activities, the children were engaged and enthused. Again a huge thank you for the organisation and planning of this to Mrs Ganguly.


We all know that children are now at greater risk from grooming online. However we also need to be fully informed of other threats to our children that they may encounter when out and about.

I have attached a link to some information about County lines. This is a huge problem in some areas where children get themselves, often unwittingly, involved with drugs trafficking gangs. Children are known to have been targeted as young as 10.

Please check out the information.


I have also sent an email with information about different ways of keeping children safe online. Please read as I have tried to include some practical measures that can support you. This is also directed towards parents of some of our younger children as they are increasingly at risk-so please do give it a read. 


Our word of the week next week is devious. See if your children can use it in appropriate and interesting ways. This is just one part of our drive to extend vocabulary and oracy skills across school. 


Next week Severn Trent Water are coming in to give an assembly and complete workshops on water safety.


On 2nd of May one of the year 6 classrooms will again be used as a polling station for the local elections. This means that children will not be able to access their classrooms via the 'bin' gate. All children will need to enter school via the side gate (left hand side facing the school). We will therefore open the gates 10 minutes early to allow children to enter. There will be no lining up on this day.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


S Houseman