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Friday update

Happy Friday all.


What a great week we have had here at Dovedale.


The year 3/4 team continued our excellent football season by coming 2nd in their tournament. A huge well done and thank you to the staff and children for representing our school so positively.


Year 3 children were treated to a Diwali workshop yesterday, creating some lovely artwork and working around the story of Diwali as part of our work with Erewash arts.


Mrs Kelly's class presented an excellent class assembly on Thursday. The children presented confidently showcasing their writing, dance, oratory and acting skills. Well done to all in Richard Arkwright class.


The parent's eve slots have been sent out and we are aware that we can't fit everyone in at the times they wish. Unfortunately the hours only stretch so far for those more sought after times. If you can't get the time slot you need contact your child's class teacher and they will arrange a mutually convenient time.


This afternoon the children attended their Expert group workshops. These are the groups that the children selected as areas of interest. We will be inviting parents to attend a session on these later in the year so that you can see some of the activities your child has been experiencing.


Following on from my request for parent supervision in the morning prior to the gates being opened by staff, can I add that children should not be racing around the car park or paths on their scooters or climbing the tree. I understand children may want to hide under the tree but it is a hazard for them to be climbing it as the branches are breaking. Please talk to your children about this.


We are advertising a midday post under vacancies on our website.


A big thank you to the PTA who have supplied us with new chairs and work tables for some of the class spaces that were in need of a refresh. Also for our lovely new benches. See photos below.


All staff have been incredibly busy again this week and I would like to take the opportunity to thank them for stepping up and supporting each other. The team spirit at Dovedale really helps us get through tricky moments and makes it a positive learning environment for the children.


I have asked teachers to turn dojos off for space at the weekend. In case of an emergency please contact the headteacher's email.


I hope you all have a great weekend.