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Friday update

Happy Friday all!

What a wonderful end to the spring term we have had. The bonnet parade went ahead today and it was so lovely to see all the children outside together. Thank you to Miss Nadin and the school council for organising and coordinating this.


We also had our first year group play performance this week with the year 4s putting on their Hood Winked play. They did an amazing job, not least because they last performed like this in front of a crowd in year 1. Amazing job! We were very proud of each and every one of them.



Head bands school colours and appropriate design/size please. Shoes should be black and look like shoes.

If your child has a medical appointment please supply the office with the text from the medical centre/dentist for our records.



Our school attendance has been impacted upon over the last year for obvious reasons. Each half term we monitor attendance. Some parents will be receiving a notification letter if their child's attendance has fallen below 90%. Although we know some of this is due to illness, corona virus or other unavoidable absences, as a school we have a duty to inform parents about their child's attendance. We know this can be frustrating or annoying but it is a necessary process to ensure we communicate with parents about their child's attendance and ensure where possible these percentages improve.

I have also noticed a big increase in children arriving late. Lates go down as an absence on your child's attendance. The school day starts at 9 and children should be in by then.


A big thank you to the PTA for organising the Easter egg hunt on Thursday. They are already planning the Jubilee celebration!


If any parent needs to make contact over the Easter holidays please use the email as I have instructed teachers to turn off their dojos to give them a proper break.


Thank you for your continued support


Have a good Easter