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Friday update

Happy Friday all,

Well that was the fastest week ever!

It is a very busy term so I think we are going to be seeing lots of weeks whizzing by. 


Thank you for your help with the car park and scaffolding situation, it has all gone very smoothly so far.


At the moment we have our book fair where children can buy a book and use their £1 book token towards the price. When a book is bought a % is donated to the school with which we can buy more classroom books for the children to read from the fair, so it is a great way for us to encourage reading all round. 

Book fair is on after school till Tuesday.


I have pasted a link below to some free training for parents on reading.


Look out for a letter for KS2 children today from the School Council who have been planning a healthy 'Tuck' shop. This will be starting next week.


Behaviour around school this week has been very good on the whole and I have been very pleased with how the children have been looking after each other. We know there is a lot in the news that some children may be seeing and may be finding a worry so it is especially important that we exercise our value of Respect. As a school we address news issues very sensitively, and gently guide the children to discuss in age appropriate ways. This means they can air any worries but we do not give them frightening information that they may not have come across at home. 

Our position on the situation in Ukraine will be to think about fundraising ideas and supporting people who need our help. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


S Houseman