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Friday update

Happy Friday all!

It has been a great week here at Dovedale and a great end to what has been quite a long term. With all the uncertainties around how this term would play out I am appreciative for the community support we receive from our parents. It makes a tricky job so much easier! I am sure you are aware that there is renewed talk of new restrictions out and about and we will adjust our risk assessment accordingly if directed to do so, and as always I will let you know anything relevant as it occurs.

The children as always have been a delight and school has continued to be a calm productive, fun place to be.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to all our staff- it's been a funny term not knowing quite how it will unfold and as always they have carried on putting the children's learning and well being at the forefront of all they do. They really are a great team and I am grateful for all their hard work and dedication.


On that note I wanted to share with you a piece written by one of our year 6 children -Oliver- in the style of an M and S advert.


Delicious cuisine lovingly cooked by dinnertime Debbie and her excellent gang;

The best teachers in the world, freshly picked by our out of this world headteacher;

Resources for all topics, fun and enjoyable for anyone.

Toilets with such good plumbing that all the pipes make you go dizzy;

REACH values rich in matureness and coated in brilliance;

Clubs where you come to have a fantastic time and you leave with a smile on your face so big it looks like a banana.

Brilliant break time, lovely lunch monitored by smart, epic, covered with knowledge adults,

Thrive where you go with troubling worries and leave believing that that was the best day of your life.

This isn't just a school, this is Dovedale school!


Happy half term everyone.