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Friday update.

Hi all,

Well that was another week!

I hope you are all managing to keep safe and well and if possible enjoy the sunshine.

The little things seem to be very important at the moment and it's lovely to see that the NHS clap is getting bigger around the streets and bringing people together-even if it is at a distance.

If like me this week has been a bit of a struggle for you as we listen out for any positive news and know that the lock down will continue as it stands for another couple of weeks at the least I hope you know that we think you are doing a great job!

Every adult in school can't wait to get back to normal and this is a testament to your children and ultimately to you. Our 'usual' working day is made a delight as we learn from so many wonderful little people. You as parents have enabled them to be kind and respectful and during this difficult time we hope you remember this.

We are currently living in a very different world from the one we were in only a few weeks ago but Dovedale school is grateful for its community and the support we have received from our parents and we believe that when we return back to 'normal' we will be a stronger community for it.

Take care all and keep safe.