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Checking in

Hi everyone,


Well as another week goes by I continue to be thankful for all the lovely things that I hear and see that the children and their parents have been up to. We know you are taking time to enjoy the time where you can whilst appreciating that this is a very difficult time. 


We still have no news with regard to school reopening but are making plans within school for when this happens. We know it will be a peculiar transition whenever or however it occurs so will be ready to take on that challenge for everyone once the process starts.


There have been a couple of questions as to how the school will respond to holiday bookings if they have to be rescheduled due to lockdown. As always the school will look at any requests on an individual basis however evidence of unavoidable rescheduling during term time will be needed. This will not apply to any holidays which were booked during term time as these would have been unauthorised.


Next week the teachers will be holding Zoom sessions with their classes to touch base and begin reintegrating the children back into a whole class format. Information on how to join this if you wish your child to participate will be sent by each teacher detailing the time and how to log on to the meeting.


I have placed a letter under the parents tab about online phonics sessions

(phonics is one way we teach children to read). These lessons are aimed at Reception and year 1 children but may also be useful for some year 2 children who need a little extra support. The sessions are daily online and are led by celebrities including children's TV presenters. Please use this resource if you are able.


We hope that you and all your families are keeping safe and well and we hope to see you soon.