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Well that went quickly!

We have been so proud of our children this week, everyone is really focusing on our REACH value of respect and behaviour across school has been excellent!

Our mental health awareness ambassadors are now fully kitted out in their yellow hats and will be on standby to support any children who need a chat or a helping hand. As a school we are determined to reduce the stigma surrounding mental well-being so that our children can talk about their feelings and know where to get support if needed. Our message is that everybody has mental health-sometimes it is good and we feel fine and sometimes it is not so good and we should be able to ask for support at these times.

Another group that is about to take on their new role is the School council. We have had a record number of applications this year about a quarter of the a school and the classes have been busy blind voting for their favourite applications. Our school council, led by Mrs Gunnell, is an active part of our school team, a really important role. Well done to any children who have been voted onto this forum.

This week, Year 2 enjoyed a trip to West park as part of their local studies work. As a community minded school we wish our children to know and appreciate their local area. With that in mind a huge thank you to all the children and parents who have donated to our local food bank collection. We really appreciate your support and know that the families who receive this service will be grateful for you generosity.

A reminder that holiday requests must be made in advance of as per the school policy if consideration is to be given for exceptional circumstances. This should be 10 days notice. Therefore requests which do not allow sufficient or reasonable time for consideration may not be authorised. Events or scenarios which recur annually cannot be considered as exceptional by the very nature that they are recurring.

Don't forget to check out the Twitter page ( link is the bird at the bottom of the website home page) for regular snippets of what we are getting up to in school.


Next week

We have a 2020 EYFS look round scheduled for 9.30 on Tuesday morning, any interested parents can join us for this.

Friday is 'Stand up Derbyshire' day where we will be challenging ourselves with extra physical activities as part of our healthy body, health mind ethos.