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Black History Month

Good afternoon all,

Last week we kicked off black history month in school with an assembly explaining how we could not possibly celebrate all of black history in a month, but that we need to raise awareness of some of the amazing black people in history as black people's history has been under represented or misrepresented over time. We took some time to look at some individuals who the children may not have heard of.

It is important to remember that statistics from the world economic forum show that the vast majority of young black British people have experienced racism at school, with one in two feeling that racial stereotypes hinder their academic achievement, research shows.

• 95% of young Black British people have witnessed racist language in education

• More than half of males said they hear racist language in school ‘all the time.’

We do not want this to be our school or our children.

In our school we follow the value of respect and the British value of equality.

We will challenge racist language or stereotyping.

It is important for us to discuss with children how everyone should be equal but still celebrate our differences. Difference is an amazing thing which should be celebrated because it is what makes us human. 

At Dovedale Primary School we will not tolerate racism or discrimination. We believe that discussing race and educating our children about differences will support them in supporting each other and celebrating diversity.

I have attached a couple of links for you to share with your children if you so wish. Please view them first to determine if they are appropriate for your individual child.


We will continue to celebrate black history not only this month especially but every month.

I have also uploaded the assembly schedule under the children's tab so that you can see the different areas we cover in our assemblies in case you wish to discuss these with your children.

I will post some of our recorded assemblies or power points in here also.


Have a good week.