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Autumn term 2 update

Dear Parents and Carers,

Firstly I hope that you and your families are keeping well.

As we head into the second half of the autumn term I thought I would just update you as to our continued efforts to keep everyone safe and well.

We will be continuing with our bubble system – with some adjustments to the year 6 bubbles. The two year 6 classes now need to line up separately on entry to school and will not be sharing the same playground space. The two classes will not be mixing at any time in school and we ask that you speak to the year 6 children about this prior to Monday. You will receive a dojo update from the class teacher. We have made these adjustments to entry, playtimes and lunchtimes as they will then be able to be completely separate as they do not share facilities including toilets.

Other year groups will need to remain as year group bubbles as they share a corridor and toilets. We will however limit contact as far as is feasibly possible.

We will continue with our sanitizing and hand washing routines, increased cleaning regime and ventilation - please make sure your child has a jumper or fleece in school for use in the classroom as we head in to the cooler months. Ventilation is a key factor in reducing the spread of the virus so we will be keeping windows and internal doors open.

I know there has been some question as to why one class, whole year group or small groups are chosen to isolate. All our decisions are based on Public Health England advice, our own risk assessments and a determination to prevent the spread as much as possible. I am not in a position to take a popularist approach and will not keep bubbles open when it does not seem safe to do so. Likewise I will not close classes if we have been advised that they are safe to stay open.

Although we are seeing an increase we still have a reasonably low turnover of cases at the present time and we will take every action needed to try and keep as many children in school as possible. I will not however, put anyone at risk and will continue closing classes or year groups where needed. We would ask that you continue to be extra vigilant with regard to any potential symptoms displayed in your child.  

Due to track and trace and other issues beyond our control we are also seeing some staff needing to isolate and will address any staff shortages as they occur.

If children, groups or classes need to isolate, home learning will be provided. Any parents needing support with this should contact the class teacher or myself and we will be happy to support you. We are determined to minimise any further disruption to the children’s learning.

We are aware that this is a worrying and potentially stressful time but we will continue to work with the whole school community to do what is best for our children and their families.

Please ensure you inform us if anyone in your household presents symptoms or tests positive and follow all the guidelines with regard to this. If anyone needs any advice please contact the school and as always we will do our best to help. Please continue to distance on dropping off and picking up times, keep your children with you to avoid cross bubble exposure and we suggest the wearing of face masks for adults.


I will continue to update you with any further information or advice weekly or as necessary

Take Care


Sarah Houseman