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Modern Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages Curriculum Statement (Spanish)


At Dovedale Primary school we understand our responsibility in preparing children for all aspects of their curriculum and for the next phase of their education. We aim to lay the foundations for our children to be able to take on the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life enabling them to be successful citizens in modern Britain and the wider world.



Our Foreign Languages Curriculum aims to develop curiosity in and deepen understanding of the wider world.  Through the curriculum, children will learn how to communicate and understand ideas, facts and feelings in another language, using speech and writing.  It is our long-term intent to provide a foundation for learning further languages, and equip our children should they wish to study and work in other countries, or need to communicate in another language, later in their lives.  Learning about traditions from other countries is also intended to develop our children’s appreciation and tolerance of other cultures, so that they can contribute in a global society and grow into compassionate citizens.



How Foreign Language is taught at Dovedale Primary School


Dovedale Primary School has decided to teach a modern foreign language and focuses on enabling pupils to make substantial progress in Spanish.  Spanish is taught from Year 3 and continues throughout KS2.  Lessons are led by the teacher, based on the story-based learning structure from Learn Spanish with Luis y Sofía and uses a range of activities from Language Angels to introduce and apply new vocabulary and grammar.  This includes translations from audio books, vocabulary games, songs, role-play conversations and written tasks.  The lessons are objective-led, in line with the school’s policy and assessment is made using the WILFs achieved and end of unit tasks. Each half term, every year group focuses on a new knowledge block and works to develop in the following strands:

  • Listening and responding
  • Speaking
  • Reading and responding
  • Writing
  • Cultural awareness (comparing customs and celebrations that may differ to our own)


Lessons are designed to enable the children to develop their competence in communicating in spoken and written Spanish, as set out in the MFL Curriculum Map.  The overall knowledge blocks are set out below.




How Foreign Language is monitored/evidence collected

Foreign Languages at Dovedale Primary School is monitored using pupil and teacher voice questionnaires, and via book, as well as, planning scrutiny.  The languages curriculum is also monitored through class observations and learning walks.


How Foreign Language is assessed


Foreign Languages is assessed during lessons by teachers using marking and feedback sheets and via flashback which help to review prior learning.  Pupils regularly self-assess their progress at the end of each unit after completing the end of unit tasks which are based on the key learning points.  The results of these assessments will be used by teachers to track pupils progress during the year and enable the subsequent teachers to have a good overview of the needs and abilities in their new class.


Children are also provided with Spanish knowledge organisers to help them understand the key vocabulary, phonics and grammar points of the current unit.