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Leavers' Assembly

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Dovedale Dance Monkeys

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We are 30 full of life individuals that have are going to make our last year at primary school really count. We use our REACH values to help us to make good choices and always strive to be the very best version of ourselves. Our motto is try everything, believe you can and you will and perseverance is succeeding. 

My name is Miss Aldis and I am the teacher of this brilliant bunch. I love being outdoors hiking, running and adventuring, but my biggest passion is my netball which I play three or four times a week. I'm a southerner so hate being cold and hate baked beans even more than being cold. 


Summer 1 and 2: Does everything have the capacity to change?


This learning block is the stepping stone learning for lots of change: leaving school and moving on.

We will be basing our learning around a variety of different texts , looking at the positivity of change. Our enquiries will take us through how to manage money, how the earth has changed over time, how technology (coding has advanced) and the way architecture has changed and influenced people over time. 

Since lock down we have been having a lot of fun on our Dojo page with me setting Y6 challenges and you guys completing them. I'm going to attempt to share some of your challenge videos and pictures. here goes...


The weather is looking good folk so we are pleased to say we are going with option 2. Everyone will be having their leavers' day together! YAY!!!

Monday - Mexico class will be in as a normal day (8:30-2:45) Lunch arrangements as usual and school uniform (leavers' hoodies are fine). Bring a Sharpie.

Tuesday - Both Mexico and Australia classes will be in (8:30-2:45) no lunch needed, non uniform. Head straight to your bubble teacher on the field near the willow trees. Bring a picnic blanket. We will be outside all day - even if it rains - so dress carefully for varied eventualities. Don't forget your food treat if you opted out of the Dominoes pizza. Bring a water bottle.


Keep up to date with what is going on by reading this blog weekly. 

10/7/20 Another great week in our bubbles and how wonderful the children have been. It's hard to imagine there has been a life changing pandemic because the children ( aside of lots of hand washing and social distance) seem to have cruised back into school life with ease. This just goes to show how ready for secondary school they are. 

8/7/20 Final Days Arrangements

Below this feed is a letter that will explain the arrangements for the last two days of term. This will also be shared via dojo. 



Sadly, as you know, the Y6 trip to Robinwood has been cancelled. In order for our admin staff to organise refunds please email the office on with the three following details:

1. Name of account holder (as it appears on the bank account)

2. Sort code

3. Account number

11/6/20 We've had a fantastic week in school with 20 Y6 pupils attending our two Mexico bubbles. It has been lovely to have so many of our team back together. We managed a very complicated zoom meeting with two bubble classes and lots of you at home - which was lovely. 

10/6/20 We are in the process of compiling the 'Leavers' Assembly' so will - from time to time - need to ask you to do bits and bobs for us. Those of you not attending school I would like to come and take your photographs so I will call you in advance of my coming and ask that you pop on your school t'shirt and jumper please. If you are not happy for me to do this then please private message me by email or dojo to let me know. It would be great if everyone could be included in this photo part but I understand if people are shielding  or simply not comfortable. I promise to adhere to the social distancing rules at all times. 

15/5/20 It would be great if all leavers hoodie orders could be in in the next few days so that I can get that off. They will take longer than usual to get back so need to send it off ASAP if we want them back before summer break.

30/4/20 Leavers Hoodies. Below is an attachments so that you can access the information to order your Leavers Hoodie. Further instructions are on the class dojo. Email or dojo inbox me if you have an queries concerning hoodies. If your child does not want a hoodie please inform us as to whether you would like their name excluding from the,. Otherwise, as a momentum, we will be printing every child's name in the class of 2020 Leavers. 

3/4/20 Oh wow - I've just realised that is the first time I've written the date this month. How strange as I usually write it every day at school. I hope you are all keeping safe and wellheart. I know that some of you are finding it tricky now - going into your third week of social distancing. Stay strong. Life is a journey of many tests and lots of us have not faced many if any really difficult times so this is ours. Just keep being kind, consider everyone in your house (not just yourself) and remember that this is not forever. Follow our challenges on dojo and join in with the fun. Many of you are sending me your challenge videos daily but I've not heard from some of you yet. Please check in with me and let me know how you are doing. You don't have to have brushed your hair or got your best clothes on; just check in with me please so that I can see you're doing okay. You can dojo message, portfolio video and email so there is no excuse for not saying hi. I'm missing my Mexican amigos. crying

25/3/20 Well it has been a week since we were all together in school. Any by this point last week many of you were self-isolating too so our numbers had dwindled. However, lots of you are taking part in my silly video challenges that I am posting on the Class Dojo. I am loving the videos that you are all sending back to me. Keep them coming folks. I am concocting a challenge for the parents to do next! Kids, be patient with them, they may not be as quick at learning as I know you all are. Keep working your way through the work set for you on here and keep being kind to everyone in your house. I am missing you all terribly but the thought of you all being safe and well in your homes is reassuring. Peace and love to all. 

21/3/20 This section of the website seems so underwhelming given the news that is actually breaking. 

It was a bitter sweet day yesterday as we said cheerio for the time being.   We have lots of lines of communication so we are the lucky ones. Remember this is not a holiday so please keep up with all of the homework set and imagine me on a daily basis nagging in your ear to read. 

13/3/20 Science Week has been a blast. We have celebrated how diverse our planet is from religion to plant life, animals, bacterias and so we've even save the planet by launching our seed pack to a baron earth. We will need the weekend to recover. 

6/3/20 What a busy week with World Book Day and Science Workshop day. Well done everyone that got dressed up and well done to Aidan who won the Y6 prize for reading in the most bizarre way. Great effort, Aidan or should we say Emperor Nero.

2/2/20 Today is the day you find out your secondary school placement. Some of you will be relieved, some will be disappointed. It is not a personal decision but placed purely on numbers and geography. For some this will be the first big knockback you receive. Remember, with our Dovedale values running through our veins we can learn anywhere!

28/2/20 We've had some brilliant discussions this week. I wonder if you can distinguish between the words 'fair' and 'justice' as well as the children have?

14/2/20 What a busy week of wind, snow and rain and that's just outside of the classroom where we have been debating workhouse issues, building arch bridges and so much more.

7/2/20 MENTAL HEALTH WEEK has been great. We've got our 'Brave' on and massaged our minds. No stress or anxiety to see here. 

24/1/20 Another busy week. We are loving our class read of 'Street Child'. It is reminding  the children just how lucky they are.

17/1/20 Despite lots of rain, we managed to get out for our fitness testing. Four minutes of continuous running. Well done folks.

10/1/20 It's been a busy week of Victorian poverty, drink education and so much more. Phew! well done everyone for coming back with such mature Y6 heads on. So focused and so wanting to learn. What more could a teacher ask for!

2/1/20 For those of you that were lucky enough to get a special book for Christmas called, 'Malamander' you are not alone. Let's see how many class members we can get to read the same book. Don't worry if you didn't get it, we can share the copies that we have around so that everyone can read it. I'm two chapters in and love it! heart

20/12/19 WOW what a term. We survived with only a few bugs and lurgies. Well done folks for digging deep and soldiering on. 

13/12/19 What a week: EYFS performance, TLES Beauty and the Beast, Parent Consultations, Christmas Dinner, Christmas Jumper Day, Wind in the Willows Pantomine and Elections. Well done, everyone, I know you are all getting very excited and tired and many of you have had the lurgy. Let's pull together for the last week to get through it together. Then the big fella will know just how good we've been wink

56/12/19 Phew! Assessment week is over. A huge pat on the back for being so mature and doing your very best. We cannot ask for more than that. yes

29/11/19 It has been a wet and soggy week but we have not let it dampen our spirits. We have been working so hard learning about out British Monarchs and the Terrible Tudors. 

Don't forget it's book fair this week and there are some great books just waiting to be read. 

22/11/19 Our Day of the Dead festival was a big success. We learned all about how Mexican people celebrate life, talked about loved ones we've lost and laughed about memories.


15/11/19 Children in need was a huge success and Mexico class looked fabulous in their, 'Colours for others' clothes.

Anti-bullying Week was a real eye opener for many after reading lots of scenarios and watching various videos to highlight the kind of actions.


Our Day of the Dead celebration day will be on Monday 18th November.

8/11/19 Our first week back has been a busy one culminating in a beautiful remembrance celebration.

24/10/19 The last few days of term have been action packed. First Derbyshire Police's Knife crime talk, then a self-defence session from East Midlands Martial Arts, a Pumpkin carving competition, our final Forest School session and a spooky disco to top it all off. Phew! 

18/10/19 Our Cross Country runners did us very proud this week giving their all in their long distance run. Well done Sam and Ocean. 

11/10/19 What a busy week! Our class assembly was a wonderful showcase where we all pulled together and shone like stars. The enterprise cake sale was very successful raising lots for our Y6 projects.


4/10/19 It's October already. Wow - where is this term going? There is no Forest Schools session next week but instead it is our class assembly and everyone is welcome. We are having a Y6 cake sale at break time so please help us to fund raise by baking or buying (if you are as bad at baking as me) for the children to sell. These can just be brought in on the Thursday morning or earlier if they are packaged. Thank you in advance.

27/9/19 Forest Schools was a perfect setting to build and blast our own volcanoes.

27/9/19 There is a bonus merit for anyone that can name a famous volcano for each category: 

27/9/19 We are having technical problems with Spelling Shed so please bear with us and we will let you know when it is sorted. In the mean time please learn spellings using the methods the children are taught in class (Say it silly, syllables, mnemonics, scribbles, look-say-cover-write-check etc)

20/9/19 We are really getting into the swing of things in Y6.  So much so that I was blown away by the standards of some writing yesterday. The children are really beginning to show their Y6 qualities. Long may it  last.

16/9/19 MEXICO DAY was a lot of fun. The children tasted taco boats loaded with chillied rice, spicy chicken, hot cheese and a dollop of refried beans. They also made 'papel picado' (festive decorations) which proved to be very challenging. We can't wait for our next festival day on Monday 4th of November. .

12/9/19 Our first Forest Schools session was great fun. The children blossom and grow in the outdoors. Their confidence and risk taking is great to see, if not a little nerve racking for us old fossils.


On Monday 16th of September our class will be celebrating Mexico's Independence Day so feel free to dress in Mexican colours or even go the full hog and perhaps come as a Mariachi musician.  We love creativity but there are no expectations. We are hoping to celebrate a few of the Mexican festivals so if you plan it right the first time you may be able to upcycle for the next onewink.


6/9/19 Is it only two days that we have had together? it feels like longer. We are already full swing into our busy curriculum. Well done everyone for hitting the ground running.

10/10/19 Mexico Class Assembly @9:10 - all welcome. (Your last class primary class assemblycrying)



                          Internet Safety Information For Parents                       


Homework in Y6 is used as a stepping stone for what can be expected at secondary school. It is important that diaries are used on a daily basis, that homework is recorded in them and that they are signed by an adult at home on a weekly basis. 


At least one piece of homework is given out each week. This may be in the form of e-homework (mymaths,, TT Rock Stars etc) or it may be paper based. When paper based it needs to be completed in the homework book. The presentation and organisation expectations for work in this book are also set out in this book. Pupils are asked to hand homework back within a week of it being set.

Remember: To be the best version of ourselves we give our all to everything.

Please take the time to learn your spellings and go onto TT Rock Star.

Nobody ever got better at something without investing time in it!


13/3/20 Please spend some time on TT Rock Stars before the WAT challenge ends.

4/3/20 With so much support for sending home reading assessments I have attached the mark scheme in the documents below. I have attached a document to explain the best way to tackle it too, but this is obviously your own choice as this is not homework per say just extra for those that want to help a home. 

28/2/20 Below is an explanation for this week's homework. It is entitled, 'Victorian Project'.

14/2/20 Please complete CGP Maths Paper 3

(instructions and answers for an adult to mark it with you are below)

7/2/20 Please complete your percentages Activity that has been given out in class.

24/1/20 Please complete the GAPS (Synonyms/Antonyms) activities.

17/1/20 Please see the DT document below for this week's homework. Thank you for some brilliant pieces of work for this homeworklaugh.  

10/1/20 Please read a few chapters of your reading book and complete your spelling crossword. Remember to work on your Big Y6 spelling list. 

20/12/19 Have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. Because we want you to make memories with your families in the holiday period we are not setting any homework. But please, if Santa brings you a book or anything to read then please sit down and enjoy it and maybe read it together with a loved one.

heartShare some good old fashioned quality time together. heart

13/12/19 Below is a document, 'Bridges'. Please complete this and read to an adult so that you can share the book together and discuss the hidden inference.

6/12/19 Please complete Mymaths fractions activity.


15/11/19 This week's homework is a reading activity. It is entitled, 'The Baking Battle' and has been given out on paper. 

22/11/19 Please login to and complete your hyphens, dashes and bullet points.

8/11/19 Please complete your Mymaths task

24/10/19 Well done for smashing the Y6 TT Rock Star battle Mexico class. Now go smash the academy battle too. 

Your half term holiday homework is to finish the reading book you are on, complete copious sessions of TT Rock Star and ther is a times tables/division activity on Mymaths. 

18/10/19 Today is the day we find out which class (Mexico or Australia) won the TT Rock Star battle. Who will reign supreme this time? noyes

In preparation for making our modern Briton documentary, your homework is to watch a documentary of your choice. Below are a series of questions to answer about your chosen documentary. 

11/10/19 Please read to an adult, do 15 minutes on our TT Rock Star battle and learn your spellings. 

There is a bonus merit for everyone that battles and a 5 merit bonus for the highest scorer from our class.

As a pre-lesson task we would like you to think of a modern living Briton such as Sir David Attenborough,  that you believe to be a positive icon. Think beyond Youtube influencers and footballers and more about someone who has positively impacted lots of different people and not just children or people who like sport. You may present this information in any way you choose but remember it must meet the Y6 homework standards. This will really help you in your lessons next week.

4/10/19 This week I would like you to do your regular TT Rock Star 15 minutes, learn your spellings, read to an adult and learn your class assembly lines.

27/9/19 Complete the 'Volcano' activity below using this website link:

20/9/19 Please read to an adult at home (and get your diary signed) then complete your assigned Mymaths task. 

13/9/19 Complete your assigned SPAG task. There is also a grammar task (GAPS 1 below) on paragraphing, that is optional.

6/9/19 This week's homework is to log in to all of your online learning tools (TTRock Stars, Spelling Shed, My Maths and SPAG) to check they all work. Complete the spelling wordsearch.

2/9/19 Please return your holiday homework on the first day of term - Bonus merits for everyone that does. yes


15/5/20 Keegan was recognised in our virtual REACH assembly last Friday. 

3/4/20 Lacie made the best Dolly Parton 9 to 5 video on tik tok - check it out in our Lock Down Laughter section above yes

25/3/20 keegan was our quickest speller in our Class Dojo spelling Challenge. yes

6/3/20 Aidan was caught reading in the most bizarre place, upside down on a climbing frame. Well done chap.

24/2/20 Lottie was celebrated today for her sterling determination.blush

7/1/20 Congratulations on your certificate today Jack C and we now have two more Ambassadors amongst our tribe. Great job Ocean and Jack Rlaughyes

29/11/19 We are so proud of Ostynn today for receiving our class award. cheeky

Amelia has gone a step further than many and only gone and made it to the lofty heights of Ambassador status. Suuuuper proud!wink

15/11/19 Well done Amelia for being our super star this week. what a role model. laugh

8/11/19 Broden was credited in our special assembly today.yes

24/10/19 CONGRATULATIONS to Isla for winning our class Pumpkin Carving Competition.

18/10/19 Bohdan shone today in our bright sparks assembly for his enthusiasm to learning in lessons. angel

11/10/19 It was Chloe's week to shine in our recognition assembly. Fab Chloeenlightened

4/10/19 We are oober proud of Imogen who earned her Ambassador status this week and Aidan who was heartcelebrated in our well done assembly.heart

27/9/19 Louie was rewarded in our special assembly today for his super enthusiasm and effort in class. Great job, Louie yes

Look out in the post as an ambassador postcard has been sent to one very deserving person.wink

20/9/19 Izaak was recognised for his super start to Y6. Well done champlaugh


Who will achieve that 'piece de resistance' title of 'Dovedale Ambassador' this year to join the lofty heights with Honey and Lottie?


The following websites will be useful for homework and general use. They are all educational but fun to boot.