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Curriculum Info.



During the second part of the Autumn Term we will be covering the following:


English – In the first part of the term we will be focusing on different genres for writing, exploring recounts and the skills of diary writing. We will then begin to extend our writing with greater focus on descriptive techniques, focusing on setting and character descriptions. Within our SPAG lessons we will begin to identify past tense verbs, suffixes, and the use of commas.


Maths – This term we will begin to build upon our knowledge of multiplication and division, exploring a range of concrete, practical and abstract techniques to solve calculations. During the latter stages of the term we will begin to introduce fraction.


Science - Our unit this term focuses on materials. In these sessions we will begin to identify uses of materials and their properties. We will begin to look at suitability of materials and explore the concept of recycling.


Geography – Our unit this term refers to our wonderful world. In these lessons we will be exploring locational and place knowledge by naming and locating the continents and oceans of the world. We will begin to compare hot and cold countries around the world and explore their human and physical features.


DT - This term our focus will be learning about the origins of food and how to be safe and hygienic around food.


PSCHE & RSHE - This term our unit is called ‘being me.’ In these sessions, we will look at what makes us unique by unpicking our similarities and differences. We will begin to think about what makes us special and how this differs to the people around us.  


RE - This term we will explore a new religion by learning all about Jewish people. We will learn about sacred objects, sacred places and festivals and celebrations which are important to Jews.


PE – Our indoor sessions this term will be led by an external instructor and will be completed through Tai Chi sessions.




Please click on the attachments below to see our overviews of learning. The long term plan provides an overview for the year and the medium term plan provides an overview for the half term. This will provide you with an insight into what we will be learning and focusing on each week. Our class timetable will also help you to understand when specific curriculum subjects are taught.




To support the children with their learning we have produced knowledge organisers which act as a visual memory aid for the retention of the knowledge, skills and understanding we are learning about. Each knowledge organiser follows a similar structure, including key vocabulary, key knowledge or facts and generally supporting images. 


Please click on the knowledge organisers below to see what your child is learning about and to continue to help them retain this information at home.