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During the first part of the Spring Term we will be covering the following:


English – This term our learning will be focused on the story of the Great Kapok Tree. To support our writing, we will begin to use a Talk 4 writing focus using actions and story maps to retell and recount the events of the story. In this term we will also begin to explore greater genres of writing through the use of instructions.


Maths – This term we will begin to build upon our knowledge of wider concepts by exploring money, shape and measurement. During our unit on money we will begin to count in pence and pounds before beginning to look at values in pounds and pence. We will also begin to look at different ways to make amounts using various coins. Within our shape unit we will be exploring the features of 2D and 3D shape using mathematical vocabulary such as faces, vertices and angles. Our measurement unit is broken down into length, height, weight and capacity. 


Science - Our unit this term continues with materials. In these sessions we will begin to identify uses of materials and their properties. We will begin to look at suitability of materials and explore the concept of recycling. Towards the latter stages of Spring Term we will begin to introduce living things and their habitats. 


Geography – Our unit this term continues our learning around our wonderful world. In these lessons we will be exploring locational and place knowledge by naming and locating the continents and oceans of the world. We will then begin to draw upon comparisons by comparing the UK to countries such as France and Brazil.


Art - Our Art focus this term is based upon painting and printing. In order to explore this, the children will study different artists; William Morris, Claude Monet and Wasilly Kandinsky. 


PSCHE & RSHE - In our PSCHE strand we will beginning to explore our health and well-being. This unit focuses on deepening the children's understanding of their mental, emotional and physical health. We will look at how to spot changes in our health and how to report concerns.


RE - Within our RE unit, we will be exploring what makes a place sacred. This will be explored from a non-religious point of view by exploring places deemed special to the children before exploring different religious places of worship.


PE – This half term, Forest Schools will account for our outdoor PE session and will explore concepts of team building and explore health and safety. Our indoor session will focus on Dance. In this unit we will be exploring dance movements specific to England. 


Please click on the attachments below to see our overviews of learning. The long term plan provides an overview for the year and the medium term plan provides an overview for the half term. This will provide you with an insight into what we will be learning and focusing on each week. Our class timetable will also help you to understand when specific curriculum subjects are taught.