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Blogspot for Socrates class

Friday 3rd March

Welcome back!

World Book Day is here where children don the outfits of their favourite characters.  The children embraced the day and looked the part, in fact, many parts!

This week we also acted out the diverse characters in the Ancient Greek myth, Heracles and the 12 labours.

Homework for 10/3/23 =, spellings, reading and times tables.


Friday 10th March

We had a musical treat this week, with Wilsthorpe six formers performing music individually and as an ensemble.  The music ranged from classical to modern pieces and they were brilliant!

Homework for 17/3/23 = Mymaths, spellings, reading and times tables.


Friday 17th March

Science Week is here!  Representatives from our class and our partner class demonstrated our experiments to do with forces and magnets. During the week the Lower Junior classes rotated in a carousel to take part in different experiments, including watching how yeast, sugar and water react at different temperatures.  It was fun guessing which balloon would inflate the most with the carbon dioxide gas.

Homework for 24/3/23 = TTRockStars, spellings, reading and times tables.


Friday 24th March

This week started with our Expert Groups in the afternoon, where pupils were given the chance to shine in their chosen subjects. Concert practises have been in full swing this week and our performers are nailing it!  We also have some surprises up our sleeves for Mother's day.

Homework for 31/03/23 =, spellings, reading and times tables.


Friday 31/03/23

What an amazing week with awesome birds of prey visiting our school on Monday (Socrates class having front row seats) and brilliant Easter bonnets paraded around the hall on the final day!  We managed to squeeze in some shaduf mechanisms in DT, debated and voted for our favourite Ancient Greek city-state in History (placing our voting pebbles in the urn).

A jam-packed week of fantastic concert performances.  What wonderful Celts you all made!

So proud of your behaviour, maturity and of, course singing voices.

Homework for 21/04/23 = spellings, reading and times tables.




We have made it! Have a great Easter break!