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Blogspot for Socrates Class

Friday 4th November

Welcome back!

We've enjoyed the variety this week of learning how to make animations in Computing and thinking how to make secure structures in Design & Technology.  We've continued to base our English non-fiction writing on Egypt as it is the centenary of the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb this month by Howard Carter.  It was great to learn about Healthy Living by an outside provider and the children engaged really well.

Homework for 11/11/22 =, spellings, reading and times tables.

Friday 11th November

We remembered the soldiers in previous World Wars and draw collages of their portraits before the battle.  We sang "We'll meet again," as a whole school, listened to a Bagpiper and found out about the different roles of the armed forces in a special assembly by The Royal British LegionHomework for 18/11/22 =, spellings, reading and times tables.




Friday 18th November

We had great fun experimenting in D&T to see if we could construct cardboard bridges that could hold the most weight.  In English, we've enjoyed role-playing as Josephine's family to help us imagine the speech that could have happened in Journey by Aaron Becker

For computing, we've enjoyed planning animations and can't wait to get started improving our previous animation techniques.  We were lucky to have a visitor coming in to tell us all about Road Safety and thinking about the distractions that there are for drivers and pedestrians.

Homework for 25/11/22 = TTRockStars, spellings, reading and times tables.


Friday 25th November

We enjoyed admiring our own art in the Art Gallery as well as admiring the art that other classes had created.  We also loved our day focusing on the World Cup: analysing the statistics of previous winners, finding out where the countries were on a world map, as well as designing medals and trophies inspired by a particular country's national flag.

Homework for 02/12/22 =, spellings, reading and times tables.



Friday 2nd December

We have been discovering different modes of transport through the picture book Journey such as airships, hot air balloons and paddle boats and have used the settings to write using prepositions.  We have also learnt about Samurai Shoguns and used this character to describe emotions and personality through their actions; showing not telling.  In geography, we've been learning about how the Erewash canal in Long Eaton would have been built as well as how to be safe around waterways using the SAFE mneumonic Stay Away From the Edge!

Homework for 09/12/22 =, spellings, reading and times tables.



Friday 9th December

This week we've been sawing safely and constructing our D&T bridges out of wood and ensuring they are stable with truss triangles and Jinx joints.  We enjoyed experimenting with torches and objects from the classroom to see how the angle and distance from the light affected the shadows made in terms of size and length.

Homework for 16/12/22 = TTRockStars, spellings, reading and times tables.




Friday 16th December

Finally the day came when the skies were clear enough for us to investigate the length of our shadows at different times of the day.  Our shadows moved directions during the day and as the sun looked low down it made our shadows very long!

Homework for 21/12/22 = spellings, reading and times tables.



Thursday 22nd December

We have made it! What a brilliant end to 2022!

All the school had fun this week with a whole school rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas.   We had an amazing Lower Junior Christmas party and shared our newfound understanding of many of this half term's subjects.



Have a wonderful Christmas and we wish you all a Happy New Year!

Hope your wishes come true in 2023.