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Blogspot for Gorillas class

Friday 8th September


¡Hola! (Hello!) Welcome back! What a busy and eventful first week.

We've been getting used to the new routines and reminded ourselves of our important REACH values. Merits have been awarded for effort, presentation, taking part and of course for supporting each other as a great team should.  Introductions into many subjects have been started, including Evolve online safety, History, Spanish, Art, R.E. (Religious Education), PSCHE (Personal, Social, Citizen, Health and Economic Education) and P.E. (Physical Education).

Some of the things that we've covered are timelines relating to Ancient Egypt, the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh, Floor Gymnastic techniques, Spanish greetings, online identity and recognising different emotions.  In English, we have reviewed key sentence and word types, with Maths, building on our knowledge of the place value of digits in a 3-digit number.


Friday 15th September


In History, we've placed different world events in the past chronologically on a time line.  We've explored what friction is my testing how well a car was able to move across different surfaces and we have been describing different feelings that we can experience as part of our PSCHE lessons.



Friday 22nd September


We have been working hard on listening with our eyes and getting crucial information that isn't just spoken.  We have introduced ourselves to our new reading partners too and can't wait to support the younger children with their reading skills.


Friday 29th September


The children had great fun this week re-enacting the different parts of the Time-slip Scarab story and showed fantastic generosity in distributing the goods to be donated amongst the class before placing them on the Harvest Festival display.


Friday 6th October


We were so happy to see so many children campaign for the roles of class representative for the school council (Parliament).  They all spoke confidently and wisely for children that have only just joined the Juniors.  Voting took place too in child-sized booths and voting boxes to make it authentic an experience as possible.  Everybody had their vote counted and we all exercised our democratic right to vote.


Friday 13th October


This week we had fun applying our knowledge on magnets and forces to recreate "magnet sling" compasses.  We were thrilled when they simultaneously swung round to point to the corner of the classroom; our true North.  We've also been role-playing in Computing and became a classroom computer network with a very busy switch and very clever server.




Friday 20th October


Well done to all those children that earned their REACH certificate!  You are an example to us all.  Remember, next week's awards are related to Accelerated Reading statistics so keeeeeep reading!



Friday 27th October


In Art, we transformed ourselves into Pharaohs using our side profile and adding on crowns, eye makeup and even fake beards!  On the theme of dressing up, great fun was had at the Halloween disco and we looked spooktacular!  Oooooo