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Blogspot for Gorillas Class

Friday 12th January

Welcome back!

Children's handwriting is coming on nicely and they have come back with great attitudes to work hard. We're starting programming using Scratch, are going to be embroidering, have recapped the cities in the UK using atlases and have started to look at food groups in Science. We have been using persuasive techniques in our holiday resort advertising in English and are continuing to work on multiplying so any practise on this would be helpful.   What a great start to week 1!

Homework for 12/1/24 = Mymaths, spellings, reading and times tables.


Friday 19th January

We've started to write letters about a fictional trip based on characters from our Journey book.

We have also been joined by Miss K, who has been teaching us whilst on her placement from NTU. In maths, we are learning how to multiply using the short method as well as the grid method.

Homework for 19/1/24 =, spellings, reading and times tables.


Friday 26th January

For the next two weeks we are learning all about non-chronological reports and will be researching more about the humble gorilla so we can wow everyone with our new-found knowledge.  We have also been improving our skills in netball and in skipping with hoops and ropes.  

Homework for 26/1/24 = TTRockStars, spellings, reading and times tables.


Friday 2 February

This week, we were joined by Skully the skeleton to help us uncover what bones are hiding underneath our skin.  We are getting quite expert at joining all the bones together in the correct order.  In geography, we have been finding out how the physical and human features of countries across Europe differ and have been quite amazed at the sheer size of Russia.

Homework for 2/2/24 = Mymaths, spellings, reading and times tables.


Friday 9th February

We have been using the present perfect verb tense to express actions that are still taking place in the context of a "journey" letter and in maths, have been learning have to measure using the units of mm, cm and m.  We have commenced our sewing designs in the style of Bisa Butler and have been learning all about the geography of Greece.  Our concert singing practise is really coming on and we've gone through all the songs now and realised we have a particular liking for the Ska style!

Homework for 9/2/24 = spellings, reading and times tables.


Friday 16th February

It is our final week with Miss K and we wish here all the best for her teacher training.  Thank you for being a part of the Gorilla class's journey - we've loved having you as part of our team!

Homework for 16/2/24 = spellings, reading and times tables.