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Welcome to our class page! My name is Miss Berrington and I  teach Australia class. My major passions in life are the RAMS as well as teaching. I am a huge lover of music and vinyl, so any opportunity to use this to inspire learning will be used in our classroom. 


If you wish to contact me, please do so via class dojo rather than email, as I check this on a more regular basis. I will sign your children's planners every Friday so feel free to leave a note if you need to. 



Summer 1 and 2: Does everything have the capacity to change?


This learning block is the stepping stone learning for lots of change: leaving school and moving on.

We will be basing our learning around a variety of different texts , looking at the positivity of change. Our enquiries will take us through how to manage money, how the earth has changed over time, how technology (coding has advanced) and the way architecture has changed and influenced people over time. 




19/7/20 LEAVERS' DAY 

The weather is looking good folk so we are pleased to say we are going with option 2. Everyone will be having their leavers' day together! YAY!!!

Monday - Mexico class will be in as a normal day (8:30-2:45) Lunch arrangements as usual and school uniform (leavers' hoodies are fine). Bring a Sharpie.

Tuesday - Both Mexico and Australia classes will be in (8:30-2:45) no lunch needed, non uniform. Head straight to your bubble teacher on the field near the willow trees. Bring a picnic blanket. We will be outside all day - even if it rains - so dress carefully for varied eventualities. Don't forget your food treat if you opted out of the Dominoes pizza. Bring a water bottle.

8/7/20 Final Days Arrangements

Below this feed is a letter that lays out the arrangements for the last few days.


as you know, sadly the Y6 trip to Robinwood has been cancelled. In order for our admin staff to organise refunds please email the office on with the three following details:

1. Name of account holder (as it appears on the bank account)

2. Sort code

3. Account number


30/4/20 Leavers Hoodies. Below is an attachments so that you can access the information to order your Leavers Hoodie. Further instructions are on the class dojo. Email or dojo inbox me if you have an queries concerning hoodies. If your child does not want a hoodie please inform us as to whether you would like their name excluding from the,. Otherwise, as a momentum, we will be printing every child's name in the class of 2020 Leavers. 

13/03/20 Well, what a week! Superb science investigations took place as our class visited Switzerland class on Thursday and today's dress up was a huge success, and very well supported by all you lovely parents. Thank- you so much!

06/03/20 The children have really enjoyed this week, particularly dressing up for World Book Day and visiting different teachers in the afternoon for story time. Our Silly Science workshop went with a bang- ask your child to tell you about explosions...

28/2/20 It's been a great first week back for me, we have been working hard! The children have really enjoyed practising tennis and badminton skills this week...We are all excited about World Book Day next Thursday. Miss B x

7/2/20 We have massaged our mental health today and are going into the weekend with clear minds and happy souls. Well done for everyone's engagement this week.

24/1/20 It's been another brilliant week down under, learning about the Victorian Workhouse and life for the paupers. It has served as a great reminder of just how lucky we are. 

17/1/20 Well done for another brilliant week possums. Despite the rain we still got out to do our 4 minute continuous run for our fitness test. yes

14/2/20 What a week: wind, rain and snow and that was just outside of the classroom. Inside we have been arguing the rights of children in the workhouse and so much more.

10/1/20 It's been a busy week and everyone has settled into the new term brilliantly; Mr Brown included. He will be with us until Miss Berrington is back on her feet (no pun intended). cheeky




I hope you all had a lovely holiday and a good rest. We can't wait to get started with our learning for the new term! I will continue my weekly blog and update it each Friday. smiley


Oh.... and did anyone get a good book for Christmas?winkwinkwink




Homework in Y6 is used as a stepping stone for what can be expected at secondary school. It is important that diaries are used on a daily basis, that homework is recorded in them and that they are signed by an adult at home on a weekly basis. 


At least one piece of homework is given out each week. This may be in the form of e-homework (mymaths,, TT Rock Stars etc) or it may be paper based. When paper based it needs to be completed in the homework book. The presentation and organisation expectations for work in this book are also set out in this book. Pupils are asked to hand homework back within a week of it being set.

Remember: To be the best version of ourselves we give our all to everything.

Please take the time to learn your spellings and go onto TT Rock Star.

Nobody ever got better at something without investing time in it!


 4/3/20 With so much support for sending home reading assessments I have attached the mark scheme in the documents below. I have attached a document to explain the best way to tackle it too, but this is obviously your own choice as this is not homework per say just extra for those that want to help a home. 

28/2/20 An explanation of this term's homework is attached below. It is entitled, 'Victorian Project'.

14/2/20 Please complete CGP set B Paper 3 Reasoning -  (The instructions and answers can be found in the documents below.)

7/2/20 Please complete the Percentages Activity that has been given out in class.

24/1/20 Please complete the GAPs activities (Antonyms and Synonyms)

17/1/20 Please complete the DT homework that can be found in the documents below.  

10/1/20 Please read a few chapters of your reading book and complete your spelling crossword. Spend some time learning your weekly spellings and don't forget to make some time for your big Y6 spelling list. 

20/12/19 Have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. Because we want you to make memories with your families in the holiday period we are not setting any homework. But please, if Santa brings you a book or anything to read then please sit down and enjoy it, maybe even with a loved one.

heartShare some good old fashioned quality time together.heart

13/12/19 Below is a document called, 'Bridges'. Please complete this activity and read to an adult so that you can work on your inference.

6/12/19 Please complete Mymaths fractions activity.


22/11/19 Login to for your grammar homework this week.

15/11/19 This week's homework is a reading activity and has been given out on paper. It is entitled 'The Baking Battle.

8/11/19 Please complete your Mymaths activity

24/10/19 After our Derbyshire Police Knife Crime talk why not go and visit the Knife Angel Statue is Derby this holiday.

Please spend copious amounts of time on TT Rock Star so that we can win the academy battle. Learn your Y5/6 spelling list and finish your reading book. There is a Mymaths multiplication and division activity to complete too. 

18/10/19 Today is the day we find out which class (Australia or Mexico) won the TT Rock Star battle! Who will reign supreme - this time?surprise

In preparation for making or modern Briton documentary, your homework is to watch a documentary of your choice. Below are a series of questions to answer about your chosen documentary.


11/10/19 Please read to an adult, do 15 minutes on our TT Rock Star battle and learn your spellings. 

There is a bonus merit for everyone that battles and a 5 merit bonus for the highest scorer from our class.

As a pre-lesson task we would like you to think of a modern living Briton such as Sir David Attenborough,  that you believe to be a positive icon. Think beyond Youtube influencers and footballers and more about someone who has positively impacted lots of different people and not just children or people who like sport. You may present this information in any way you choose but remember it must meet the Y6 homework standards. This will really help you in your lessons next week.

4/10/19 I'm giving you an extension on last week's homework as so many of you have struggled with it.  Therefore no new homework will be set this week. Please ensure you do you reading, spellings and TT Roc Stars time though.

27/9/19 Complete the Volcano activity below using the following weblink:

20/9/19 Mymaths has been set - be sure to get it done and have a go at TTRockstars and Spelling shed to keep yourself on track for next week's lessons. 

13/9/19 SPAG has been assigned and there is an optional grammar activity below if you want to go deeper with your understanding of paragraphing. (SPAG 1)

2/9/19 Please return your holiday homework on the first day of term - Bonus merits for everyone that does. yes