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Y6 Wolves

Welcome to the wolf pack. Wolves are strong, independent, resilient animals that are fantastic communicators and are exceptional allies when in an established pack.



Meet the Teacher

Still image for this video
As we can't do a meeting at the beginning of term I have put a video together to share with you instead.
Photo of the class to be inserted here.

In Year 6 the wolves will be taught how to become independent learners. The cubs will then take this skills with them on to secondary school when the move up as more independent wolves. If we encourage and train them now, while they are still young and easily influenced, they will know how to organise their studies, resources, timetables and in turn their futures will be in their own hands so that when they are lone wolves they have the skill set to survive in this tough and competitive world.



At least one piece of homework is given out each week. This may be in the form of e-homework (mymaths,, TT Rock Stars etc) or it may be paper based. When paper based it needs to be completed in the homework book. The presentation and organisation expectations for work in this book are also set out in this book. Pupils are asked to hand homework back within a week of it being set.

Remember: To be the best version of ourselves we give our all to everything.

Please take the time to learn your spellings and go onto TT Rock Star.

Nobody ever got better at something without investing time in it!



25-9-20 - RRR Pledge

See document below for details, as well as your usual reading, Spelling shed and TT Rock Stars.

18-9-20  18th Sept - Crossword Activity

Challenge Activity -Read 50 pages over the weekend. If you manage it get your parents  to say that you have achieved this by writing in your diary and merits will be awarded!


11-9-20 Your homework for this week is to complete the Mymaths - Place Value - task, do your spellings wordsearch and read your reading book. Challenge yourself to read 50 pages over the weekend. If you manage it get your parents  to say that you have achieved this by writing in your diary.

*Parents: please sign your child's diary weekly to say that they have completed these tasks. This is a necessity for secondary school so we may as well get into the habit now.*


4-9-20  This week's homework is to decorate or cover your homework book. You may do it any way you wish but please make sure it has your name and class nice and clear on the front cover. Please share with your parents anything that I have given out today, so that we can connect everyone on Dojo and we all have the same messages.


I wonder which wolves have been keeping up with their six week challenge?


If you really want to impress me you could do an extra piece of wolf related homework. 

Just in case , for all eventualities I have included a remote learning section to our web page. Fingers crossed we will not have to use it.