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Y6 Hedgehogs

Welcome to Hedgehog Class!



Class picture here




Welcome to our class of 30 wonderful Year 6 children, our teacher isn't too bad either! We're a very tight knit bunch and always look out for one another whilst we are at school. We know that sticking together with each other is a great thing to do. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!


We're lucky enough to have some fantastic staff members with us in our team, they are:

Mr McCarthy - Class Teacher

Mrs Edwards - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Read - Teaching Assistant




We are all in Hedgehog class but there's nothing spikey about us, click the link below to find out how you can help Hedgehogs in your garden. The numbers are declining rapidly and are now on the endangered species red list. 



Hedgehogs Class Video

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The class have put together this video through their own ideas, Oscar, Eva, Anna and Jonas then put the ideas together into a powerpoint and recorded voiceovers to explain it. Feel free to play along with the quiz, some of the answers may surprise you!

Meet the Teacher

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This replaces our usual in school event and includes things your child will be learning about this term.

Class Blogs


For the most up to date Class Blog - see the Class Dojo page with regular updates posted there.



20/11/20 - It was great to be able to chat to you all at the parents meetings on Monday. I hope that I still made sense to those of you who I spoke to later in the day! It's been a successful week and the children are recognising how important every week of learning is to them in Year 6. I've noticed lots of yawns this week and tiredness so a sensible bedtime will be much appreciated and it will leave them in the best possible frame of mind to learn. A few of you asked about homework/spellings, the homework is always put on the relevant place on the website and Dojo. The wordsearch comes home every week and is in addition to whatever task is set - on that note, please can I chase up the the Maths homework from last week on multiplication. 


21/10/20 Please see Class Dojo for where to find the off site learning, login and password. Shortly, a letter will be shared on here to explain the next steps.


I can't quite believe we've only got one week left of this half term, it seems to have flown by and gone really quickly. It only seems like 5 minutes ago that they quietly walked back into school when we reopened. How things have changed!


The children are really beginning to understand how important this school year is for them in so many different ways. They're well aware of their big move to secondary school that is coming up and also want to achieve as much as possible whilst they are still in school. 


As you know, we assessed the children when they came back into school and identified any gaps that they might have. Next week, we'll re-assess them and see if those gaps have been closed, if they haven't they'll receive support in order to do so in the future. I do explain to the children that these assessments are a chance to show off everything they know and to celebrate their successes. They'll do plenty more of them in Year 6 so do repeat the message to them about a chance to prove how good they are!




Homework will be set once a week and will include MyMaths,, written tasks and much more. The homework will be set on a Friday and they'll be given a week to complete it.


If the children get into the routine of completing homework now, then the jump to secondary school when they will receive much more homework won't be as difficult for them. A lot of year 6 is about preparing the children for secondary school so we'll encourage them to use their diary to record any homework and whenever they read. Please encourage your children to use their diary and sign it each week, this will also help you get into the routine for signing at secondary as we're told they get in trouble if the diary isn't signed!


04.12.20 - My Maths - Lowest Common Multiple


27.11.2020 - 4.12.2020

Please draw an anti-bullying poster in your homework book.

This can be a poster to warn bullies of the consequences of their actions, or a poster to help people who are being bullied.

Remember, posters should be colourful and eye-catching. They should included a slogan, and should offer advice. Use a mixture of writing and illustration.

Reflect on what we have learned during our anti-bullying activities.


20th Nov - SPAG.COM Subject Verb Agreement


13th Nov - Long Multiplication Task - see documents below and complete at least 10 questions


16th Oct -  The children have been celebrating and recognising Black History Month, they've all been given a black sporting figure to go away and research. Some of them have recently spoken up against the poor treatment of black people around the world so the children should find this is very current and topical. Some of them may be a little trickier to find out information about than others. This will form the basis of a piece of work that the children will complete so please could this be done BY WEDNESDAY 21st October.






For your homework this week we would like you to make a poster about ANY ASPECT of what have learned during you study of the Ancient Greeks.

You can present work about the myths and legends, democracy, an important historical event, the war of Troy or Alexander the Great. You can even choose a topic I have not mentioned.

Wow us with exciting presentation, fascinating facts and  Year Six level detail.

We look forward to seeing what you produce !



Your child will be set spellings each week, they'll be posted on the class page here and Dojo along with being set on spelling shed. These spellings will run alongside the words from the Y5/6 word list which are set on spelling shed for the whole year.





























13.11.20 able endings where the root word ends in e