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Y3 Pandas

Welcome to 



Please click on the button below to find activities to complete at home if you are self-isolating.




Welcome to Panda Class! This is home to a brilliant Year 3 class, with Mrs McGowan to lead our way.   We also receive amazing support from Mrs Sedgewick and Miss Austen during our busy week.


We hope you enjoy finding out about all the wonderful things we learn and do in our class!


We have P.E. on Tuesday (outdoor) and Friday (indoor) so please make sure P.E. kits are in school ready for these lessons, fully labelled with your name on it.

Meet the teacher

Still image for this video
Please watch the short video to find out a little bit about Panda class and Year 3 prior to your child starting in September.
I look forward to seeing you soon. Mrs McGowan

Our History and Geography focus in Autumn 2 is The Victorians.

In Autumn Term 2 we will be back to teaching the full curriculum, now we have completed the recovery curriculum in Autumn Term 1.  The coverage in English and Maths will now progress on to the Year 3 curriculum objectives but those children who need further intervention with Year 2 objectives will still engage with further intervention. In English we will be focusing on non-fiction genres by exploring diary entries and non-chronological reports. In Maths we will be delving further into more challenging concepts of number and place value and addition and subtraction.


In History we will be introducing our unit of learning around the Victorians. We will be looking at Queen Victoria and what life was like during this historical period. In Art we will study the work of Vincent Van Gogh. We will explore his different painting styles and techniques and try to create our very own landscapes. In PSHE we will be thinking about what it means to be responsible by exploring rules, rights and responsibilities. We will look at how these form part of the law and consequences we could face by breaking the rules.

In RE will be exploring Hinduism and considering what life is like for Hindus in Britain today. We will study their beliefs, explore how they worship and draw comparisons to other religions. In Science we will be exploring humans, including animals and in PE we will engage with rhythmic gymnastics and hockey.


This term we also hope to have lots of extra fun activities planned. We will be engaging with whole-school themes linked to Remembrance Day, Diwali and Christmas. We also hope to provide a WOW day as part of our Victorian unit by pretending to be in a Victorian classroom one day!




Each week one of the following activities will be set online: MyMaths, or TTRockStars.  Each activity will be ready for children to complete by the following week.


For those grammar terms that are less familiar to parents and children  alike, there is a bbc bitesize link below and a guide to help you support your child's learning.



A list of 10 spellings will be given each week, which follow a particular spelling rule, and these will be tested on Friday of the following week. 

You will be able to log on to SpellShed and practise spellings there too.

Autumn 2

WK 1 due 6.11.20 - ow sound spelled ou (List 1)


WK 2 due 13.11.20 - u sound spelled ou (List 2)


WK 3 due 20.11.20 - i sound spelled y (List 3)


WK 4 due 27.11.20 - words ending in ze sound spelled sure (List 4)


WK 5 due 4.12.20 - words ending in ch sound spelled ture (List 5)


WK 6 due 11.12.20 - tricky words (List 6)


Please read to an adult 3 times each week and have your planner signed to be awarded a merit.

      Important dates



Autumn 1

Wednesday 2nd September - INSET day

Thursday 3rd September - Children back to school with Y2 teacher

Friday 4th September - Transition morning with Y3 teacher

Friday 4th September - 3:30pm Virtual Meet the Teacher

Monday 7th September - Children start in Panda Class

Friday 23rd October - Last day of Autumn term 1


Autumn 2

Monday 2nd November - First day of Autumn term 2

Friday 18th December - Last day of Autumn term 2




Spring 1

Monday 4th January - First day of Spring 1

Friday 12th February - Last day of Spring 2


Spring 2

Monday 22nd February - First day of Spring 2

Thursday 1st April - Last day of Spring 2


Summer 1

Monday 19th April - First day of Summer 1

Friday 28th May - Last day of Summer 1


Summer 2

Monday 7th June - First day of Summer 2

Thursday 22nd July - Last day of Summer 2

Achievements & celebrations


Each week, a child from our class will be recognised for REACHing high through their work and behaviour around the school.


I wonder who will be first this year?


With a positive attitude, respectful manners and willingness to try, it could be anyone's.  So go on, show us what wonderful things you can do and let the amazing person that you are shine through!

September 2020 Autumn 1

WK 1   N/A Short first week

WK 2   N/A REACH week

WK 3   N/A

WK 4   Franchy - for showing respect for our school environment.


October 2020 Autumn 1

WK 5   Charlee - for listening well and trying hard in all subjects.

WK 6   Cruz - for consistently challenging himself in all subjects.

WK 7   Darcey - for demonstrating wonderful REACH values.

WK 8   Kyra - for contributions in lessons and support given to others.


November 2020 Autumn 2

WK 1   N/A

WK 2   Lois - for brilliant presentation and effort in all subjects.

WK 3   Savannah - for contributing and greater confidence in maths.

WK 4   Daniel - brilliant contributions and focus on lessons.


December 2020 Autumn 2

WK 5   Jack - persevering and refreshed engagement with learning.

WK 5  Siyana - settling in brilliantly and making a fabulous start.

WK 6   tbc

WK 7   tbc


January 2021 Spring 1

WK 1    tbc

WK 2   tbc

WK 3   tbc

WK 4   tbc


February 2021 Spring 1

WK 5   tbc

WK 6   tbc


February 2021 Spring 2

WK 1    tbc


March 2021 Spring 2

WK 2   tbc

WK 3   tbc

WK 4   tbc

WK 5   tbc


April 2021 Summer 1

WK 1    tbc

WK 2   tbc


May 2021 Summer 1

WK 3   tbc

WK 4   tbc

WK 5   tbc

WK 6   tbc


June 2021 Summer 2

WK 1    tbc

WK 2   tbc

WK 3   tbc


July 2021 Summer 2

WK 4   tbc

WK 5   tbc

WK 6   tbc

WK 7   tbc

       Messages and updates


Autumn 2 - WK6


Assessment week is here!  Good luck everybody and show us what great things you've learnt how to do.


Autumn 2 - WK5


We kicked of the week by writing some amazing descriptions about a hot air balloon journey and really proved that we are making progress in our English.  To continue our literary efforts, we also practised some comprehension papers and are getting used to scanning for information.


Our RE studies have helped us understand more about Hindu Worship (Puja) and how Hindus use all their senses using the items on the Puja tray to enhance their connection to god.


In Art, we have started to make our own landscapes in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.  Watch this space for examples of our fantastic art...


How our bodies move, has been the subject of our Science lessons and the clever team work that our muscles perform in order to get around.

Maybe, you could ask a Panda pupil what is the difference been involuntary and voluntary muscles, and where they are likely to be in the body.


It has been an important week for Human Rights and we have been learning that people everywhere are born equal in the respect they deserve and the rights that they have.  These fundamental rights help make the world a better place, help people to be treated fairly and help people receive what they need to live a happy, fulfilled and successful life.


Autumn 2 - WK4


We've delved into the life of early Queen Victoria with our English lesson reading, following the experiences of the servants that worked for her.  In particular, we see through the eyes of Charlotte, or Lottie as she likes to be called, and find out what chores a nurse maid has to do in Buckingham Palace in order to look after the royal babies.


In Maths, we've been concentrating on the 3 times table and how to use it to multiply by 2-digit numbers.  Therefore, going beyond the 12 times table with our multipliation skills.  We've also dipped our toes into grid method of multiplication and will have more practise throughout Autumn term 2.


Did you know that the Victorians were an inventive lot?  Well we've been looking at some of the inventions that they created that we still use today - albeit, looking alot different.  Thanks to these creative geniuses, we can like a life with alot more convenience, travel further and communicate with those farther away.  Remember, when you send your Christmas cards this year, it is from the help of the humble stamp that stemmed from the Victoria era.  Seasons greetings!


Autumn 2 - WK3


What a colourful week we have had!  It all started with celebrating Diwali and adorning our playground and classroom door with repeated Rangoli patterns - which the children enjoyed immensely.  We've also been learning about the Hindu religion in our R.E. lessons.


Later in the week, we continued to look at the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh and practised making similar swirling patterns using the media of pencils, crayons and paint. 


We have written some amazing Panda non-chronological reports, so feel free to quiz our new found experts on this amazing Chinese bear. 


In maths, we have looked at subtrating both mentally and using the formal method of column subtractions - trying very hard to remember to borrow from next door and regroup the numbers that we are subtracting from. 


Our knowledge of the skeleton was developed in Science with a look at the some of the 206 bones that are hiding under our skin, and looking at the functions they perform.  


Finally, our History learning has been about the second longest reigning British monarch, Queen Victoria.  It was refreshing to see such a strong woman in a position of power and to learn of how inventions started to change the way she lived.  We also learned that she was an avid journal writer!  I wonder what she would have thought about our marvellous Remembrance Diaries?


Autumn 2 - WK2        


It's Children In Need week!


Every morning this week we have had an energizer either moving to the instructions of Joe Wicks (this year's ambassador) or to the professional dancers from Strictly Come Dancing.  At the end of the week we had great fun putting all the moves together in P.E.


We also continued to learn all about how to keep our bodies and minds healthy by watching the 5 to Thrive videos and continuing our Science learning on being healthy.


On the calmer side of things, we have practised journalling about our day and practised some mindfullness, which the children found really relaxing and rewarding.  Why not give it a try and keep practising?










Thank you for all the brilliant outfits on Friday, the lovely beaming faces and for your generous donations to this wonderful cause.


Autumn 2 - WK1              


This term heralds to start to a jam-packed curriculum and lots of seasonal variety. We have been making Remembrance Day art and memorising a poem so please look out for our version on the Remembrance compilation on Wednesday 11th November.


In Maths, we've been building on our place value knowledge with larger numbers and in English we have been looking at diaries, being inspired by the diaries from soldiers in the World Wars.  We've also been polishing up our phonics knowledge, so any practise on the phonics play website at home would be of real benefit too.


We've started to look at online safety with the help of the SMART crew, who have advised to not trust attachments from people we don't know and to delete them and tell our parents.  We have also started to introduce ourselves in Español, so you may start to hear some international lingo coming your way! 


It is important to fuel our bodies with the healthy stuff, so in Science we have looked at the NHS Eatwell healthy food plate and found out that we need more of different food groups than others.  It was quite a revelation to see that sugar and chocolate did not appear on the plate, at all, and that our bodies' don't need it to survive! I am not sure about our minds though? Now there's a challenge for Christmas!


Our History lesson focused on organising some key events (that we have looked at since starting school) into a time line.  Pandas can be very proud of themselves for not only recognising the events in history but for also remembering many of the key dates too!


Next week we are going to embrace the 5 to thrive theme of this year's Children in Need.  So get ready for some fun during the week and cheerful costume wearing on Friday.



Autumn 1 - WK2


What a great start the Panda children have made! They've adjusted so well to the new routines, it is as if we've been Pandas forever. 


This week has been an assessment week to help us find out what we've remembered prior to home learning and what we've learnt since.  I have been incredibly impressed with our Pandas' focus and maturity during these tests and their super attitude to have a try. Over the next half term we will be reviewing as many of the areas that we found tricky and have still yet to master, so that we can move on to Year 3 work with greater confidence in Autumn term 2.


As REACH is such an important part of our school ethos, we have been reminding ourselves what this means as well as thinking of different strategies to keep us on track throughout the year.  Pandas have thought of some great ideas to keep them motivated:       


Respect - thinking about others and their needs too, remembering to treat people how we'd like to be treated.

Enjoyment - remembering to stick to the facts when mistakes happen in order to stay positive.

Achieve - stop and think about any hurdles we face in making progress to help us get out of a dip in our learning.

Challenge - take small steps and accept advice.

Health - remembering our mental health and to talk, be mindful and take time to relax and be aware of our environment.


Hopefully, our BFG dream catchers will encourage our Pandas to DREAM BIG for Year 3 and aim for the stars!



Fresh Starts - WK1


Welcome Panda class!  Your Junior adventure starts here and we can't wait to learn lots of interesting facts and develop super skills together this year.  We have plenty of exciting things to learn and do in 2020, starting with "The Victorians" for our history theme and "Forces and Magnets" in science.  Tune in next week to see how we got on...


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