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Week Beginning 23.11.20

Ask your child to find some objects around the house that are 'whole' e.g. a whole carrot, a whole pencil etc. Explain that this is full, all of it, whole and the entire object. Next you could show a piece of fruit or veg that is whole. You could cut part of it off. Show your child that these are parts of the object and that the object isn't whole anymore.


Using lego or bricks or something similar ask your child to build a tower of 10 bricks. Explain that this is whole. Next break the tower into 2 parts e.g. 6 bricks and 4 bricks. Explain that these are the parts but if we put them together they make a whole (10).


Show your child the part whole diagram. It looks like cherries! The top circle represents the whole e.g. 10 and the bottom 2 circles represent the parts e.g. 4 and 6.


Ask your child to complete the 1 star or 2 star activity in their books. You can either print the sheet out or draw some part whole diagrams in their book. Ask your child to split the whole number into possible parts e.g the whole 9 could be split into 4 and 5.


MONDAY - English


Weekend Writing!


Write about something that you did over the weekend. It could be about anything at all. A walk that you went on, a cosy day in, a game you played, a yummy meal you made and ate, baking etc. 
Remember your basic writing skills - capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, writing on the line, phonics knowledge and form your letters correctly!


Choose a football activity from the Derbyshire School Games activity pack.