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Week Beginning 14.12.20


Remind your child about the greater than or less than crocodile symbols from last week ( < > ) the crocodile's mouth always points towards the greatest number. The crocodile is greedy and wants the most. 


Give your child the number statement below to compare. 


3 + 4        8 


Ask them to work out the addition side and then add a greater than or less than sign to compare the number statement. 


e.g. 3 + 4   <   8  


Ask your child the questions
How can we work out the total of each side? 
Which side gives the greatest answer? 
Which side gives the smallest answer?


Choose either the 1 star or the 2 star activity depending on your child's confidence. For the 2 star questions, your child will need to work out a possible number to go in each gap to make the number sentence make sense.



Weekend Writing!


Write about something that you did over the weekend. It could be about anything at all. A cosy day in, a game you played, a yummy meal you made and ate, baking etc. 
Remember your basic writing skills - capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, writing on the line, phonics knowledge and form your letters correctly!





Choose a football activity from the Derbyshire School Games activity pack.