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Wednesday 9th December



Letter Writing.

The children have been learning how to write letters. Ask your child to write a letter to Santa. They can include what they would wish for for Christmas, what they have done to be 'good' this year, their favourite part about this year and their hopes and wishes for next year.


Ask your child to match the numbers to the number words. This can either be printed or written in their book.


After, say a number and ask your child to have a go at writing this independently in words.



Ask your child to draw a picture of either a teacher, doctor, astronaut, scientist, builder, nurse or cleaner. Once they have finished, ask them whether their person is male or female. Ask them why they have drawn them as this gender. Explain that anyone can do any job no matter whether they are male or female. Explain that when they grow up they can do whatever job they choose.


Show your child the pictures of the different toys. Go through each toy and ask them if they are for boys or girls. If they choose something as a 'boys' toy, ask them why they think that. Ask them the question so can girls not play with that toy? Go through each one and explain that all of them are toys for both girls and boys and it doesn't matter what toys they play with.


Ask your child to cut out the pictures of the toys and put them in the middle of the Venn diagram (the 2 circles) so that all of the toys are in the part that overlap. An alternative would be to draw the circles in their home learning book and draw pictures of each toy in the middle.