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Wednesday 6th January

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RE - Religious Education


We are starting a new topic in RE this term. For the last 2 half terms we have focused on Christianity and celebrations within the Christian religion. Our new topic this term is 'Who is a Muslim and what do they believe?'


Start with a quick recap from our learning over the last 2 terms by asking your child the questions... 

What Religion have we been learning about in RE lessons so far? Christianity. What are people called who follow the religion Christianity? Christians. Where do Christians often go to worship? Church. What might you find in a Church? Stained Glass Windows/ Font. What is the Christian Holy book called? Bible. What is a Christian symbol? Cross. Name some Christian celebrations. Easter/Christmas/Harvest etc.


Explain to your child that in RE we are now going to be learn about a different religion. Explain that some people follow the religion Christianity however there are lots of different religions that different people follow. We have learnt a lot about Christianity but we are now going to learn about a different religion which is called Islam. Ask your child to repeat the word Islam. People who follow the Islamic religion are called Muslims. Ask your child to repeat the word Muslim. Explain that when we learn about different religions, we may not believe or agree with some of the things that we learn about however we have to understand that these are the beliefs of others and that we show respect to them.


What really matters? Talk to your child about someone that is really important to you e.g. a family member or a friend and why. Ask your child to talk about a person who is special to them and why. Try to steer any discussions away from objects and towards significant people. Ask your child: do people matter more than things? Ask your child to write a sentence in their home learning book about one special person to them and why they are special e.g. My mum is special to me because she loves and supports me.


GOD: what does this word mean? What is invisible and what shows it is there? You could show a balloon to your child and blow it up. Talk about what is inside and that the air cannot be seen. Can your child think of other things existing that can’t be seen? (e.g. wind, electricity, love, happiness).

Recapping who was important to them from earlier, explain that some people believe that God is very important in their lives, even though they cannot see him. Link to previous ideas; e.g. Muslims believe that the world would not function without God just as a balloon would not function without air. Teach your child that the Muslim word for God is in the Arabic language: Allah. They believe that there is only one God.


We have many names for our mums/dads e.g. a nurse, a tear-wiper, a hugger, a cook, a waiter/waitress, a friend etc. Ask your child to see if they can come up with anymore  Collect as many ideas as possible. Show your child a picture of some Islamic prayer beads, 99 beads on a string, and tell them Muslims have 99 names for their God, because God is all things to them. Each bead represents a name for their God. Some of the names are: forgiver, light, the source of peace, the creator, the guardian, the generous, the truth, the greatest, the compassionate, the hearer of all, the seer of all, the giver of life, the guide, the patient one. 


Either print out the grid below or draw 4 boxes into your child's home learning book. Ask your child to choose 4 of some of the 99 names of Allah above. Ask your child to write a different name for Allah into each section of the grid. They can then draw picture in each box that represents that name e.g. for the compassionate your child could draw a love heart. 

Explain to your child that they have to draw things/places/objects but not a person – because Muslims never draw Allah. They say all pictures of Allah are wrong as Allah is too great for pictures!


You could extend your child's learning by choosing the extension activity below. 

3 star - Can they write a sentence for each one to explain what they think the name means?