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Wednesday 4th November

Read and write numbers in numerals and words (0-10)

Ask your child to read the number in numerals and have a go at writing that same number in words e.g. 1 = one, 2 = two. Use the word mat for support. With the second table, ask the children to try to read the number in words. Encourage them to use their phonics knowledge to help them segment and blend the word. Encourage them to use the initial sound of some of the trickier words to help them work out what number it is e.g. five starts with the /f/ sound so what number starts with the /f/ sound? Children to write that number in numerals. Check they are writing the number the correct way around.

Select one of the levels of challenge for this activity depending on how confident you think your child is.



To use my imagination to explore an unfamiliar setting.


To spark imagination, ask your child to close their eyes and listen to a short sound clip of jungle sounds. à What could they hear? 


Next, show your child the jungle pictures and tell them to imagine they are jungle explorers. We are in the jungle – what do you see? How would you move around? 

Ask you child to walk around the room in role as an explorer walking through the jungle – how would you walk/act?   - call out prompts to help them get into role – e.g. “make sure you are careful of what you are standing on; are there any big logs you need to climb over/branches you need to duck under? Are you stopping to smell any flowers or feel some leaves?” Ask them to share what they see/hear/feel/smell/taste... Have they seen anything exciting?


In the home learning book, ask your child to record what they could see/hear/taste/smell/touch/feel in the jungle.





To identify a special time that I celebrate and to know why it is important. 



Thinking about celebrations...

Ask your child

-What is their favourite day of the week?

‐ What is the best day they can remember?

-What days are special to them?

-What days are special to lots of people?


Write a list in the home learning book of all of the celebrations that they celebrate e.g. a birthday, a football achievement etc. 


Ask your child...

What does it mean to celebrate? Why do they celebrate each one? Why are celebrations special? How do you feel before/during/after a celebration? Why do people like to celebrate important events?


Discuss the celebration Christmas. Create a spider diagram in the home learning book on ways that Christmas is celebrated. 

This could be done using pictures/key words e.g. Decorate the house with lights, put up a Christmas tree, listen to Christmas music, give/receive gifts, eat a Christmas dinner, pull crackers, go to church, sing carols, spend time with friends and family etc.