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If possible, sign up for a 14 day free trial of 'Phonics Play'. (Any problems, please message Miss Hardaker/Miss Nadin).


Once on the website, along the top select 'resources' > 'phase 3' and then scroll down to find the 'Grab a Giggling Grapheme' game. 


If your child is in Mrs Wilkins/Mrs Dowthwaite's phonics group, please select either the ‘j v w x’/ ‘y z zz qu’ or ‘ch sh th ng’ option. (These are in order of increasing difficulty. If you are unsure, just choose the first one and work your way through!) 

If your child is in Miss Nadin or Miss Hardaker's phonics group, please select the 'All phase 3' option. 


The aim of this game is for children to identify the correct grapheme (spelling) of the sound being stated. Play one game all the way through, and then repeat the game but this time challenge your child to think of up to 3 words that contain that grapheme. E.g. if the sound was 'sh', they might say "ship, shoe, shut" - support them to think of words if they are struggling. Ask them to write these words down, ensuring they are spelling them correctly based on the grapheme shown in the game.


*Additional challenge*: Once completed and your child has written down a bank of words, can they use 2 or more to write a 'silly' sentence? (e.g. The chip was on the ship).



Part 1: Please access this video to support your child's maths learning today. This video will introduce the learning and task to your child, so they should be able to access today's lesson independently.

Part 1 supporting worksheet:


Part 2: Part 1 of the lesson may have been enough for your child today - this is completely fine! However, if you would like to extend them further or they are keen to do more, there are two more videos to support the next part of the learning, linked below.

Video 1 links to question 1 on the worksheet. Video 2 is to support questions 2 to 4.