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Part 1

Depending on your child's confidence with number bonds to 10, you might choose to spend time working through part 1. If they can recall number bonds rapidly, then move onto part 2.


Part 2 

Go through the comparing number bonds powerpoint slides with your child. Then complete either the 2 star or 3 star challenge depending on their confidence. 3 star is challenge activity. 


Once completed, your child could complete the teacher challenge activity. They should be able to find more than one answer. 


In literacy we are looking at letter writing. Soon, we will be writing a letter together. We will then go for a walk to the post box to post the letter. 


Ask your child if they know why we might write a letter and any of the features of letters e.g. address, date, who the letter is to, why the letter has been written, who the letter is from etc. 


Listen to the story of the Jolly Postman on the link below and use as a tool to discuss letter writing. 


Explain that we are going to be writing a letter to our Mummy/Daddy which will be the letter we post. 


Today we are going to plan our letter. Use the boxing up grid to plan what will go in each box. Explain that this doesn't have to be written in perfect sentences as this is just a plan. The purpose is to tell our parents all about school. The question part is so we can ask our parents what their favourite subject at school is/who their friends were etc.