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Mini Maths 

Play Odds and Even song. Discuss together which numbers are even and which numbers are odd? 


Using Splat the Square, identify numbers that are even and odd. Challenge yourself to 100.

What pattern do you notice? 




Use the powerpoint below to practise phase 2 and 3 phonemes. 

Was their any you weren't sure of? 


Use Phonicsplay (Buried Treasure/Dragon's Den/Picnic on Pluto) to practise these phonemes. 


Using 'Phase 3 caption sentences', select an image and write a sentence. Remember to challenge yourself with and or because. 

PSED - Our Feelings, keeping happy and our mind healthy.


Explain that we have to keep healthy not only physically by doing exercise and eating healthy but also by looking after our mind with different feelings. What feelings do we have? 


What do you do that makes you happy? Discuss this together and share what makes you happy and feel relaxed. Draw pictures and label pictures to show this. 


Learn and sing the Happy song.