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Maths - Today, we are continuing our angles work with ordering angles (WALT: order angles). Complete the 1, 2 or 3 star sheet. Then self-mark your answers using the answer sheet. Afterwards, have a go at the challenge questions. Finish off with trying the true or false.


English - WALT: Sequence events clearly using adverbials and conjunctions. Take a look at the Norse Myth 'Thor and The Giants'. Watch part 1, 2 and 3. Afterwards, complete the sequencing sheet, putting numbers next to each picture in the order they happened. Then take a look at today's slides to help you with how to create a story map of the events inlcuding conjunctions and adverbials.


RE - WALT: Explore and use the religious metaphor of life as a journey. 


Task 1: Think back to your journey to school yesterday. What took place when you first got up? Did you have breakfast? Which route did you take to school? How did you get to school? What do you remember seeing and hearing? Draw your journey in pictures. Then consider who kept you safe on your journey and who could you ask for help if needed. Label these on your pictures.


Task 2: Consider life as a journey, progressing from one destination to another. Use the tree example (see resources) or draw your own to label:

On the roots - people and groups that give you strength and keep you safe.

On the trunk - what you have already achieved. Also mark on where you think you are in your life journey at the moment.

On the leaves - your ambitions, hopes and dreams for the future.


Task 3: Think about how the things you have written on your tree will be different for different people. What milestones would you expect to see on the trees? What might an adult have that children do not yet? Would a religious believer's tree be different to a non-religious person?