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Lesson 1 - Maths Translating Shapes


Lesson 2 - English Colons and Semi Colons


Lesson 3 and 4 Partner Class Activities


Either draw or print a picture of yourself and stick it in the middle of an A4 piece of paper. Then around the edges of your picture start to introduce and describe yourself to your year 3 class partner. You could talk about your hobbies, talents and skills and give them a piece of advice! This should be a high quality piece of work and something that you should spend lots of time on as we are going to give this to them.


Secondly, write an informal letter to your class partner. This should be similar to the task above, but should include the features of an informal letter and some informal language! You can start the letter by saying Dear Class Partner,


Please check your My Maths account and see if you have any outstanding tasks to complete. If you complete all of these before the end of the school day. Choose 2 pages from the yellow and purple book to complete.